American Immunization Registry Association Immunization Information Systems for a New Era


The majority of AIRA’s activities are carried out by members who participate on AIRA steering committees or workgroups.

If you are interested in joining a steering committee or the HL7 Immunization User Group, please email An AIRA staff member will contact you.

Current steering committees and a user group include:

Assessment Steering Committee (ASC)

The ASC develops Standards of Excellence and indicators for a comprehensive self-assessment and measurement process for overall IIS operations improvement.

Education Steering Committee (ESC)

The ESC promotes standards and best practices through informational and educational activities, using both face-to-face meeting opportunities as well as electronic communications methods.

Modeling of Immunization Registry Operations Workgroup (MIROW)

The purpose of MIROW is to develop a best practice operational improvement guidebook and to promote the implementation of best practices in the IIS community.

Standards & Interoperability Steering Committee (SISC)

SISC provides technical support and guidance to interoperability efforts of AIRA members and the IIS community.

Standing Committees of the Board of Directors

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee directs the operational affairs of the Association, with a particular emphasis on administrative aspects of the Association.

 Bylaws Committee

This committee reviews the bylaws annually, and as needed, updates bylaws upon a vote of the membership.  

Strategic Planning Committee

This committee is responsible for preparing and updating a strategic plan for the Association, and works with the Executive committee in preparation of a proposed annual budget that will support the strategic plan.

Membership, Outreach & Engagement Committee

This committee is responsible for recruitment of new members for the Association, activities to support and engage the membership of the Association, and recommend, when appropriate, changes to the membership application process and status. 

Nominating Committee

This Committee develops and submits an annual slate of consenting and eligible candidates for vacant officer and director positions. 

HL7 Immunization User Group

This user group supports IIS and EHR implementers globally as they work to create and maintain immunization interfaces.