American Immunization Registry Association Immunization Information Systems for a New Era

AIRA Initiatives

Standards alignment is a critical issue for IIS, given our important role in interoperability and health information exchange. AIRA has launched several initiatives to provide standards support and facilitate alignment across the IIS community by: developing standards and best practices and conducting testing for standards alignment; creating a governance plan to support joint development and implementation (JDI) and conducting and implementing JDI projects; supporting interjurisdictional exchange; and providing technical assistance and consultation on standards and best practice topics.  

Key Strategies

Standards & Best Practices Development

AIRA will engage the IIS community to identify key operational issues that need additional best practice and standards development and develop community-informed products for the identified areas

  • New IIS standards and best practice documents will be developed
  • Existing IIS standards and guidance will be updated to reflect changes in IIS operations
Joint Development & Implementation
  • The governance structure for supporting a joint/collaborative development process will be identified and implemented
  • To test and implement the governance plan, AIRA will design and develop a proof of concept for a joint/collaborative development process
  • An initial proof of concept project for joint/collaborative development will be completed, and future joint/collaborative development projects will be identified and completed
Assessment & IIS Interoperability Testing
  • AIRA will conduct evaluations of IIS alignment with standards and identify gaps that exist among the adoption and implementation of current and future standards
  • A baseline evaluation of IIS alignment to existing standards will be conducted
  • Gaps in jurisdictional IIS standards and best practices adoption will be identified, and technical assistance and consultation will be provided to close these gaps in adoption