American Immunization Registry Association Immunization Information Systems for a New Era

Joint Development & Implementation

Joint Development & Implementation:  An Opportunity to Adopt New Functions while Optimizing Costs across the Industry

  • Inclusive of standard methods
  • Inclusive of best-practice design

Joint Development & Implementation: Role & Timeline

  • In October, 2014, AIRA launched a Joint Development and Implementation Strategy as part of its Enhanced Standards Support Cooperative Agreement with CDC.
  • The Joint Development and Implementation Strategy is an effort to broaden and formalize the planning, coordination and implementation of collaboratively developed products across the IIS community.
  • For year 1 of the Strategy, the focus is developing the governance for joint decision-making across jurisdictions.
  • In the spring of 2015, AIRA convened a community-wide Advisory Workgroup to craft a governance document across the full spectrum of IIS.
  • Future years will focus on selecting, developing and implementing candidate projects.

Platform-Specific User Groups

AIRA is helping to faciliate Platform-Specific Joint Development User Groups to gather input on and share information about Joint Development efforts. Ideally, every IIS across the nation will be connected to a user group to ensure their voices are heard. These user groups are co-facilitated by IIS members and AIRA staff, and are open to anyone who would like to attend.

To optimize communication and transparency, relevant meeting artifacts will be made publicly available on AIRA’s website.

STC/Envision Users

AIRA will continue to coordinate with existing STC and Envision user groups. However, if you have specific ideas or questions about joint development or want to discuss activities more directly, please contact Mary Beth Kurilo.

Want to learn more? 

Contact Mary Beth Kurilo, AIRA's Policy & Planning Director, at or (202) 552-1097.