American Immunization Registry Association Immunization Information Systems for a New Era


Why Should I Want to Join AIRA?

To build and maintain strong partnerships with other organizations on issues of common concern to you.

To advocate for funding of IIS development and enhancement through legislation, policy development and public information.

To contribute to the ongoing development and evolution of IIS through knowledge sharing opportunities and capacity building activities.

To promote, advocate for, develop, and disseminate IIS data exchange standards that are consistent with national standards and that increase the visibility of IIS as public health best practice models for interoperable and integrated health management systems.

Who Can be a Member?

The American Immunization Registry Association (AIRA) currently offers membership to immunization information systems (IIS), IIS Implementers and not-for-profit organizations that share and support its mission of preventing and controlling vaccine preventable disease by enhancing the capacity of IIS.

AIRA's Partnership Program is for for-profit and not-for-profit entities who wish to support AIRA in addressing health issues affecting our nation. Partnership is open to both non-members and members alike. Click here for the AIRA Partnership Program Terms and Conditions.

Member-Only Resources

As a member you will have access to Member-Only Resources.  Click here to log in and access these resources.

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