American Immunization Registry Association Immunization Information Systems for a New Era

MIROW Best Practices

MIROW has developed seven best practice guidelines for functional and technical IIS related topics.

Best practice recommendations include:

  • An overview of the topic being reviewed
  • Principles, business rules, and general recommendations associated with the topic
  • Various models, such as business process models, state transition models, and others
  • Agreed upon terms and definitions
  • Challenges to and solutions for implementing the best practice recommendations
  • Select references for peer-reviewed literature
  • Examples of implementation

Each guideline may be downloaded in complete, or in summarized "mini guide" form. This is an ongoing initiative with additional topics added regularly.

MIROW Evaluation Final Report

The MIROW Evaluation Final Report is available. Learn how MIROW best practices are being implemented across the country. In addition, the Evaluation Slides are also available.


Lot Number Validation Best Practices

The MIROW micro-guide previously titled “Lot Number Patterns by Manufacturer and Vaccine Table” has been discontinued under the MIROW Steering Committee due to the need for continuous review and updating. However, the AIRA Standards and Interoperability Steering Committee (SISC) was able to utilize the information while incorporating Unit of Sale and Unit of Use Lot Number guidance. Therefore, the information found in this original MIROW micro-guide will be maintained and updated under the SISC and can be found here in the AIRA repository.

Mini-Guides in French and Spanish

Select MIROW mini-guides are available in French and Spanish.

Best Practice Guidelines

The MIROW Suggested Reading Paths document can be used to help navigate the chapters below by staff role.

Complete Chapters

  Mini Guides


Chapter 1:  Management of Patient Active/Inactive Status in Immunization Information Systems

Chapter 2:  Vaccine Level Deduplication in Immunization Information Systems

Chapter 3:  Data Quality Assurance in IIS: Incoming Data

Chapter 4:  Reminder/Recall in
Immunization Information Systems

Chapter 5:  Immunization Information System Collaboration with Vaccines For Children Program and Grantee Immunization Programs

Chapter 6:  Immunization Information System Inventory Management Operations

Chapter 7:  Data Quality Assurance in Immunization Information Systems:  Selected Aspects

Chapter 8: Decrementing Inventory via Electronic Data Exchange

Chapter 9: Consolidating Demographic Records and Vaccination Event Records 

Other MIROW Documents