Epi Shared Services Program

AIRA is collaborating with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on the Epidemiology Shared Services (ESS) initiative to support the new hire onboarding, training, and advancement of data analysis skills among immunization information system (IIS) data analysts and epidemiologists. ESS is a resource for those who extract, analyze, interpret, visualize, report out, or interact with IIS data.

How to Participate in ESS Offerings

To participate in one or more of the ESS offerings described below, fill out the AIRA Epi Shared Services interest form or email [email protected] with the name of the offering(s) in the subject line. For example, “ESS: Epi Connect and Code Library.”

AIRA's ESS program provides the following offerings to jurisdictions:

Data Visualization Trainings and User Groups

  • AIRA offers live, instructor led, immunization data-driven training programs for Tableau and Power BI data visualization tools. Courses will be announced first to wait list participants and, once scheduled, will be added to AIRA’s calendar. To sign up for the training wait lists, click on the links below:
  • AIRA will continue to offer future trainings related to the advancement of data analysis and technical skills. Trainings will be posted to the AIRA events calendar, shared with relevant user groups, and e-mailed to the IIS community.
  • AIRA offers data visualization user groups to encourage peer-to-peer relationships between jurisdictions and create a community in which members can share their successes and challenges. Learn more about the two data visualization user groups below:


  • The mini-series will be a short-duration user group offered this fall 2022.
  • Designed to increase community sharing and learning around IIS data analyst topics. Discourse shared over the mini-series will be compiled into a one-page community resource guide.
  • The series will take place during six sessions over six weeks.
  • Participants will engage in guided discussion on topics relevant to IIS data analysts, present challenges and successes, ask questions of the community and peers, and more.
  • New and seasoned epis/data analysts are welcome!

Peer-to-Peer Connection

  • Epi Connect is an informal network of peers to provide support to one another.
  • IIS epidemiologists/data analysts will be paired with peers who have complementary skills to broaden connections in the IIS community.
  • Connections can occur as frequently as paired participants desire and through whatever format makes the most sense (e.g., phone, email, web-based meetings, face-to-face during conferences and events).
  • Pairs were announced during the Epi Connect launch event on November 29.
  • To sign up for future Epi Connect gatherings and to be paired with an epi/data analyst peer, fill out this interest form. Select “Epi Connect” and any other interests under “What Epi Shared Services activity are you interested in learning more about?".

Code Library (coming soon)

  • The code library is an electronic storage space where relevant, non-proprietary code and scripts can be shared. The intent is to create a shared space where other IIS data analysts can copy and edit coding for their own projects.

Technical Assistance

  • Technical assistance includes support with SAS coding, Tableau dashboard development, and data analysis. Technical assistance can also include help with jurisdiction-specific data quality plans, customized programmatic recommendations, and more.

  • AIRA is ensuring our policies and infrastructure are in place to accept and analyze data to meet your needs. Please reach out with your requests so we can talk about specific needs. See the How to Request ESS Support below.

  • If you are stuck on a data set or need some visualization support, don’t hesitate to reach out to [email protected] or through our TA request form to attend ESS Data Visualization Office Hours.
  • One-on-one technical assistance is available, including jurisdiction-specific data quality plans, customized programmatic recommendations, and more.

How to Request ESS Support
Complete a Technical Assistance Request to initiate ESS support. Within the request form, select "Epidemiology Shared Services" as the category of request.


If you are interested in learning more about the ESS program, email [email protected].

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