New ONC Report on Provider Burden Out For Comment

ONC recently released a new report titled Strategy on Reducing Regulatory and Administrative Burden Relating to the Use of Health IT and EHRs. The report shares many recommendations on lowering reporting burden, and has a lengthy section on Public Health Reporting.

AIRA will be commenting on it as a member organization, and we encourage all of our members to comment through their jurisdictions as well. Comments are due by January 28, and the final version of the report is expected in late 2019. 

AIRA has developed the following schedule for collecting and reviewing AIRA comments:

  • December 28: Initial comments on the report were due to AIRA 
  • January 4: AIRA collected comments and returned draft consolidated comments to the community for review
  • January 9: Draft consolidated comments were discussed on the AIRA SISC call
  • January 18: Final comments were shared with membership
  • January 28: Comments will be submitted by AIRA (and participating jurisdictions who can echo these themes and comments)

For reference, the original ONC report can be found here, and final comments to ONC can be submitted here. The deadline for comments is 11:59pm ET on January 28, 2019.

Questions can be directed to Mary Beth Kurilo.