New Guide: Onboarding Consensus-Based Recommendations

AIRA is excited to announce that a new guide Onboarding Consensus-Based Recommendations is now published on the AIRA website. The purpose of the guide is to provide guidance for improving and standardizing onboarding with a specific focus on:

  • Standardizing the onboarding process across jurisdictions
  • Improving onboarding process efficiencies by streamlining activities and introducing appropriate support tools and technologies
  • Decreasing the overall number of providers waiting in queue and the amount of time providers spend in process from start to finish
  • Facilitating the transition of existing interfaces to align with current and future messaging and transport standards
  • Maximizing limited resources—time, money, and staff—for all onboarding partners
  • Improving stakeholder relations

A community-wide webinar to introduce the guide was held on February 11.  If you were unable to attend this session, a recording link can be found later in the week by using the “webinars” filter in the AIRA repository.