Joint Development & Implementation (JDI)

The JDI Strategy is an effort to broaden and formalize the planning, coordination, and implementation of collaboratively developed products across the IIS community. Joint development is any collaborative development of standards, business requirements, functional or system requirements, design specifications, or production of actual software tools or applications. The JDI Strategy is shaped by the belief that common needs should result in common solutions. JDI is an opportunity for the IIS community to work together to build new tools in a cost-efficient manner.

JDI Projects

JDI Resources

  • Practical Guidance for Joint Development Projects, July 2014: Joint development has been discussed at length by subject matter experts across the IIS and vendor/implementer community. Much of the content of these early discussions is captured in this document.
  • AIRA Joint Development Presentation, October 2014: AIRA presented on the joint development project at a post-conference workshop following the 2014 National Immunization Conference.
  • Working Definitions, December 2014: A set of definitions to clarify the meaning or scope of relevant topics.