Onboarding Training and Consultation

This page discusses the onboarding training assistance available to jurisdictions through the Onboarding Shared Services program.

The onboarding process requires specialized staff to guide and assist providers and their electronic health record (EHR) technical teams. These staff manage and monitor onboarding activities, develop and maintain onboarding documentation and processes, review HL7 messages submitted during the onboarding testing phase, and identify and assist in correcting errors that may occur.

To be successful in this onboarding role, immunization information system (IIS) staff must have adequate knowledge, skills, and abilities to complete activities associated with the onboarding process. This means that staff involved are trained on and have knowledge of onboarding, interoperability, HL7, and data quality best practices.

AIRA’s Onboarding Shared Services (OSS) program offers training to support new and existing staff with learning and implementing standardized onboarding processes and procedures. This training is intended for jurisdictional staff responsible for onboarding (i.e., responsible for activities associated with setting up and testing an electronic interface). IIS managers may also benefit from participating to learn more about the onboarding process and to determine how to develop and maintain an effective onboarding program.

The OSS onboarding training includes:

  1. Training resources (i.e., resources to support independent learning/training on onboarding and interoperability topics)
  2. Cohort-based, live, instructor-led training
  3. One-on-one consultation (provision of advice, guidance, and learning through observation with the goal of helping gain new skills and improve job performance)

How to Request Onboarding Training

Complete the AIRA Technical Assistance Request to initiate onboarding training. Within the request form, please select "Provider Onboarding" as the category of request.


If you are interested in learning more about the OSS program, please email [email protected].