Setting The Framework for Address Cleansing

The need for uniform address cleansing is an issue that plagues every IIS; it is a challenge to ensure millions of addresses from thousands of submitters remain accurate and complete. The JDI Advisory Workgroup recognizes this need, and embarked on a project to evaluate, select, and roll out a service to provide address cleansing functionality.

A consultant conducted a lengthy evaluation process of several candidate services, considering services offered, technical support options, licensing costs, ease of use, detail included with address metadata, and other customers/clientele that use the product. Results of the evaluation were presented to the JDI Advisory Workgroup who, in conjunction with AIRA staff, selected the SmartyStreets service for pilot testing. SmartyStreets provides address standardization, validation, and geocoding for addresses submitted through a manual or automated batch process, through a real-time user interface API (application program interface), or through real-time data exchange.

The SmartyStreets service was piloted in late 2016, and has been proven to be a valuable and cost-effective resource. AIRA has committed to one year of funding, and has applied for additional supplemental funding that would allow for expanded access to this service as a no-cost member benefit to all member IIS throughout the country. AIRA believes that access to this service will help programs to meet the many IIS Functional Standards focused on data quality through complete, accurate demographics capture, and it is excited to offer this service to the full IIS community with CDC’s assistance. 

Background Documents