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Confidentiality and Privacy Document

AIRA is proud to announce the Confidentiality and Privacy Considerations for IIS document is now available. This resource summarizes different IIS confidentiality/privacy issues and provides considerations and sample forms.

MIROW Best Practice Guidance Published

MIROW has recently published best practice guidance on Decrementing Inventory via Electronic Data Exchange. A full guide and mini guide are now available.

ACK Guidance

In October 2015, the AIRA team, in partnership with the Standards and Interoperability Steering Committee (SISC) and CDC partners, drafted and released a guidance document titled Guidance for HL7 Acknowledgement (ACK) Messages to Support Interoperability. The newly released document provides clarification on implementation methods in an effort to point all IIS towards common, standardized ACK messaging.

Analytic Guide for Assessing Vaccination Coverage Using an IIS Released

The Analytic Guide for Assessing Vaccination Coverage Using an IIS is now available.  The guide describes practical considerations and key decision points in designing a population-based assessment using an IIS.

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What do Current Members Say About AIRA?

AIRA is viewed by its members as the centralized core of activity for IIS development, standardization, and best practices.

Exciting Changes Ahead

AIRA's Membership structure has evolved. As part of these exciting new changes, AIRA is offering a Partnership Program for both members and non-members who wish to get involved in AIRA. This Partnership Program provides an excellent opportunity for those who wish to further support AIRA's mission. Please see the AIRA Partnership page for ways to join as an AIRA Presidential Partner or AIRA Premier Partner this fall.

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AIRA 2017 National Meeting

We hope you will join us for the #AIRA2017 National Meeting! Click the link below to register for the meeting, reserve your hotel room, and learn about sponsorship opportunities.

Technical Assistance Training Videos

AIRA's technical team has developed several concise training videos on technical components of the IIS. Current trainings include Transport 101, NIST Immunization Test Suite Demonstration and an Introduction to AART.

November Monthly Update

Please take a few minutes to read through the November Monthly Update to learn more about the latest at AIRA. To review updates from previous months, please visit AIRA's Monthly Updates website.


An upcoming edition of SnapShots will be published in mid-December. Please stay tuned for important updates from the IIS community.

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