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New! Guidance for Comparing & Communicating NIS Results

AIRA's NEWEST guide provides practical tips that can be used to help explain NIS and IIS-based vaccination coverage assessment results to decision makers, such as senior public health leadership, legislators, and the media. Click HERE!

Security Guidance Considerations for IIS

AIRA's new resource explores issues that impact IIS security and provides guidance on industry standards and best practices for addressing common security concerns. Click HERE to read more!

Technical Assistance Training Videos

AIRA's technical team has developed several concise training videos on technical components of the IIS. Current trainings include Transport 101NIST Immunization Test Suite Demonstration and an Introduction to AART.

Visit AIRA's resource repository for immunization information
system (IIS)- relevant information. You can find AIRA’s newsletter
SnapShots, MIROW best practices, functional and technical standards,
and many other IIS-related documents.



What do Current Members Say About AIRA?

AIRA is viewed by its members as the centralized core of activity for IIS development, standardization, and best practices.

Ways to Join AIRA

IIS, IIS Implementers and non-profit organizations are encouraged to join AIRA Membership. AIRA's Partnership Program is also available for both members and non-members who wish to get involved in AIRA and further support AIRA's mission.

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What’s Happening


AIRA 2017 Education Survey Summary

In early 2017, AIRA conducted a survey to assess the educational needs of the IIS community. A summary of the results has been published, which will be used to develop new resources and educational opportunities for the IIS community. View the complete report here!

AIRA 2018 National Meeting

Address Cleansing Service Now Available

AIRA now provides access to address cleansing and geocoding services to all AIRA member IIS progams at no cost. This data quality intervention is part of AIRA’s broader Joint Development and Implementation initiative, and is a benefit of AIRA membership for IIS programs. Click here to learn more!

New Edition of SnapShots!

AIRA's newest edition of SnapShots highlights the progress, best practices and acomplishments of IIS across the country. Click here for the August edition of AIRA's newsletter.

August Monthly Update

We hope you'll take a few minutes to read through the August Monthly Update to learn more about the latest at AIRA.

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