Address Cleansing Service


As a high-value benefit and data quality service for its members, AIRA maintains a license agreement through which IIS and IIS implementers can access Smarty’s Address Validation tools at no additional cost. By using Smarty, jurisdictions can validate addresses against USPS data and obtain the most accurate address, which is a United States Core Data for Interoperability (USCDI) data element.

Although there is no cost to participate, initial set-up may require internal resources for integration. Participants have multiple service connection options, including manual batch processing, automated batch processing, an HL7 real-time solution, and/or a user interface API (application program interface).

Each month, all member participants complete a short, five-minute survey that:

  1. requests the estimated number of addresses your jurisdiction cleaned,
  2. gives you an opportunity to share your feedback, and
  3. helps us evaluate the success of this project.

Get Connected

IIS and IIS implementers that want to get connected to Smarty should complete the following:

Smarty Orientation Partner Agreement Prep and Plan Peer Sharing
  • Email [email protected] to schedule a time for your team to meet with AIRA staff. 
  • AIRA staff will introduce you to the service and help get you started
  • Review, sign, and return AIRA's brief Partner Agreement
  • Upon completion, AIRA staff will send the credentials needed to access Smarty
  • Attend quarterly Smarty User Group meetings to learn from the IIS and IIS Implementers that cleaned over 1.2 billion addresses in 2022! 


Learn More

Email questions to [email protected]

Updated: 4/17/23