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AIRA’s Corporate Partnership is an excellent opportunity for private-sector organizations to support AIRA and its mission to address health issues affecting our nation. Learn more about the products and services offered by our Corporate Partners, which may include vaccinating provider resources, vendor specific support, pharmaceutical, IIS module solutions, IIS platform solutions, vaccinator community resources, cloud hosting, HL7 support, information exchange support, and IIS transition support. For more information, contact Jo Turcotte

IIS Module Solutions

IIS Platform Solutions

Vendor Specific Support

IIS Module Solutions



Since 2003, Atlantic Management Center, Inc (AMCI) has worked with jurisdiction’s, IIS vendors and government agencies to improve vaccination processes through integrated software solutions. Syntropi, AMCI’s proprietary software solution, can be used alongside any existing IIS to automate the provider lifecycle management for both vaccinating providers as well as staff within your IIS program. As a result, this will lead to better efficiencies for both your providers and staff. AMCI utilizes an agile approach to meet the needs of the customer during the development process along with providing technical support. To request a demo or ask questions, email us at or visit our website at




Docket® is an award-winning, multilingual, cross-platform, and IIS-agnostic consumer access and reminder/recall solution available on iOS, Android, and the web.

Intuitive consumer access

With Docket, consumers can:

  • Log in using a variety of ways, including Apple or Google credentials, state-issued credentials (e.g., UtahID), or a preferred email address. We are transitioning away from passwords altogether. Instead, users can log in with a magic link. We expect to have this completed by mid to late November.
  • Use a valid phone number or email address to access personal and/or family immunization records.
  • Access their personal and family immunization history and forecast in an intuitive, collapsible and expandable, accordion-style format.
  • Access an official state-issued immunization record PDF, which can be exported, emailed, texted, or printed.
  • Share immunization data using SMART® Health Cards (i.e., QR codes) or SMART® Health Links (i.e., passcode-protected URLs with expiration dates) when permitted by their state.
  • Integrate their data with Apple Health and Wallet.
  • Easily update their immunization data using drag-to-refresh functionality.

Powerful forecasting

Docket uses IIS forecasting data, ICE, or a combination of the two to display an accurate representation of consumers’ immunization status and generate HIPAA-compliant reminders as existing Docket users become age-eligible for new vaccines. Once an immunization is considered overdue (or after a configurable period of time), Docket automatically re-queries IIS to measure the effectiveness of the reminder/recall intervention.

Reporting and configuration

Docket produces daily and/or weekly automated reports to IIS stakeholders as well as ad hoc reports containing detailed KPIs such as usage trends and aggregate query results. Docket supports both IZ Gateway and direct-to-IIS connectivity. Docket’s asynchronous IIS query model ensures both stability for IIS and reliability for consumers. Docket follows WCAG and has achieved SOC 2 Type I and II certification. 

For more information, visit or email Michael Perretta at [email protected].




The Immunization Calculation Engine (ICE) is an award-winning, free, open-source, immunization evaluation and forecasting software used by immunization information systems (IIS), electronic health record systems (EHRs), and personal health record systems (PHRs). The ICE Web Service evaluates a patient’s immunization history and generates immunization recommendations based on Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) guidelines.

As a platform-agnostic, modular component, ICE uses a standards-based application programming interface (API) and a small number of well defined inputs and outputs to support integration and use with any health information system containing immunization data. ICE provides clinical decision support at the point of care and informs immunization coverage assessment. With flexible deployment and support options, ICE is scalable for fast response time and many users.

The executable software, source code, and documentation are publicly available through a standard, permissive, open-source license (LGPL v3). Originally developed through a collaborative effort with the New York City Citywide Immunization Registry (NYC-CIR), Alabama Department of Health, and the OpenCDS team at the University of Utah, ICE is developed and maintained by HLN Consulting.

HLN was awarded the 2017 Upshot Award for Excellence in Vaccine Supply, Access, and Use by the National Vaccine Program Office for ICE. Additionally, ICE was recognized by the Digital Public Goods Alliance in 2021 as an innovative openly licensed technology and is listed in its Digital Public Goods registry. For an overview and/or demo of ICE, contact the HLN ICE team at [email protected].

HLN Consulting is a leading health information technology consulting company focused on enhancing and supporting the capabilities of public health organizations and health care providers with high-quality consulting services, strategic planning, and software development.

Visit for more information or reach out to Erin Roche at [email protected]


IIS Platform Solutions


Casetivity-IIS is a secure and confidential web-based system that enables health care providers to immunize children and adults against vaccine-preventable diseases. Casetivity-IIS employs a modular design to bring a comprehensive IIS solution to states to meet their business needs.

Casetivity-IIS includes features to:

  • Manage the end-to-end immunization process
  • Manage patient information
  • Automate inventory management of vaccines
  • Improve health through proactive clinical decision support
  • Enhance emergency and pandemic response capabilities by ensuring health care providers are notified early and have the required vaccines
  • Report and track vaccinations across the population
  • Improve immunization program operations by automating key business workflows like patient and shot deduplication
  • Improve IT infrastructure through use of n-tiered, services-oriented architecture
  • Employ web-based, real-time data exchange
  • Design architecture for 24/7 availability and high-performance scalability

The Casetivity-IIS solution provides a secure, centralized repository with a sophisticated deduplication algorithm based on deep-learning artificial intelligence concepts. Casetivity-IIS possesses a strong business process management capability paired with a fully featured, highly configurable case management framework. Information can easily be pulled out of Casetivity-IIS through dashboards and reports and will support federal and state reporting needs.

Casetivity-IIS contains all the features and functionality that states need to modernize their core IIS. For more information, visit or email Ted Hill at [email protected].



Vendor Specific Support



Since 1997, HLN has been actively engaged with the IIS community in providing formative, fundamental contributions to the development of this field. We have given significant thought and attention to where the immunization community is heading, as well as providing technical assistance and support to assist IIS in meeting their mission, goals, and specified requirements.

We not only strategize about improvements within the immunization arena but also provide daily support of jurisdictional registries in New York City and Rhode Island. This ensures that our thought process not only considers long-term strategic viewpoints but also yields practical, usable, and current solutions for today’s immunization needs. We work closely with our clients but always “follow their lead”: they call the shots and determine their priorities.

HLN’s strengths include extensive experience in:

  • Supporting IIS projects both individually and collectively “on the ground”
  • Researching, evaluating, recommending, and delivering IIS strategies on behalf of state, county, tribal, territorial, and municipal public agencies
  • Developing and supporting health care information technology standards like HL7
  • Planning health information exchange and supporting interoperability and health care systems integration
  • Collaborating on tools and techniques to transition, operationalize, and optimize an IIS platform
  • Ongoing engagement and support of the IIS community and Public Health

We have engaged in early efforts to stand up immunization registries, as they were initially known, and have been involved in the formation and update of the IIS Functional Standards and more recently the PHII Requirements Traceability Matrix (RTM).

In addition, HLN is attentive to IIS strategic initiatives, developing and implementing a robust application that can be reused by other jurisdictions to effectively and efficiently allow for electronic data exchange of all vaccinations via the IZ Gateway (IZG), and we collaborate with the standards community on FHIR queries to access immunization data in bulk.

For more information, visit or reach out to Marcey Propp at [email protected]