IIS Best Practices Community of Practice

The Immunization Information System (IIS) Best Practices Community of Practice (CoP) supports the creation and curation of best practice recommendations for IIS with a focus on operational best practices. 

UPDATE: The IIS Best Practices Community of Practice will not meet this fiscal year and planned activities are on hold.


The IIS Best Practices CoP provides a forum for collaboration among IIS stakeholders and experts to analyze existing practices, brainstorm new approaches, and develop consensus-based best practices. The members of the IIS Best Practices CoP identify community needs for new best practices, monitor the status of existing best practice offerings, and support the development of best practice guidance resources.


The IIS Best Practices CoP is an open group that includes experts from IIS programs, public health organizations, CDC, and IIS and EHR implementers/vendors. We’d love to have you join us. 


The IIS Best Practices CoP evolved from and replaced the Modeling of Immunization Registry Operations Workgroup (MIROW) Steering Committee. The important work of MIROW continues as a part of the new CoP. The CoP will take on the activities of MIROW in addition to exploring new methodologies and products for the development and communication of best practices. MIROW guides and resources will continue to be available, and the IIS Best Practices CoP will create new MIROW-style guides and resources in the future. The CoP can decide to do a MIROW-style project and develop MIROW guides and resources. At the same time, the CoP can explore projects which might not match the MIROW development approach, and these projects would not be labeled as “MIROW.” This approach will support the continuation of the comprehensive work of MIROW while exploring innovative opportunities for collaboration and support of the IIS community. The MIROW best practice guides and resources are available on the MIROW web page.

Additional Resources for Members

To access additional resources for user group members:

  • Go to My Profile and log-in
  • Select the “My Features” tab and click “Committees” in the dropdown menu
  • Select “IIS Best Practices CoP”
  • Select the “Files” tab