Outbreak and Response

AIRA’s Role and Support of the IIS Community

AIRA is committed to always serving and supporting our members and the IIS community. In the event of an outbreak, we work diligently to provide support in the following ways:

  • Serving as a centralized forum to unify IIS efforts
  • Highlighting the importance of IIS infrastructure and the role of IIS as the source of truth for vaccine administration data in outbreak responses
  • Coordinating and aligning with national partners on policy, infrastructure, and funding
  • Providing technical assistance to support data extracts, provider onboarding, onboarding to the Immunization (IZ) Gateway, and identifying and working to resolve data quality challenges related to outbreak vaccination reporting
  • Developing and disseminating resources, education, and training through aids such as the Tableau User Group
  • Assessing how to best support efforts to evaluate and address the impact of outbreaks on routine immunization and vaccination coverage of children and adults and to support preparations for the potential for multiple outbreaks and/or concurrent vaccination campaigns

AIRA’s Response to COVID-19

During the COVID-19 pandemic, AIRA worked hard to find ways to support our members and partners during an unprecedented time. Immunization information systems (IIS) play an instrumental role in managing and distributing vaccines. To aid COVID-19 mass vaccination, it was imperative that jurisdictions use the already existing IIS infrastructure to quickly respond to and assist mass vaccination efforts.

How AIRA supported providers in documenting COVID-19 vaccine administration

AIRA quickly recognized there were unique data elements required for COVID-19 vaccine administration and reporting that impacted many jurisdictions. This prompted the creation of Supporting Providers in Documenting COVID-19 Vaccine Administration, a document that included tips and information to both help prepare and communicate unique reporting aspects with providers.

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AIRA’s Response to Mpox

AIRA closely monitored the mpox outbreak that began in May 2022 and provided support to the IIS community, members, and partners at the state and federal levels. As they began responding, AIRA assisted with identifying solutions related to challenges with vaccine ordering; inventory and wastage tracking and reporting; shipping information; provider agreements; and reporting of vaccine administration data. This was a rapidly evolving response, and as information became available, we worked swiftly to compile and share new findings.

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For questions or requests for information related to IIS and AIRA’s outbreak responses, please email [email protected].