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Senior Management AIRA's Senior Management Team provides leadership to the organization. The team is represented by AIRA's Executive Director and directors of the Business & Operations Team, the Education & Outreach Team, the Standards & Analytics Team, the Strategic Initiatives Team, and the Senior Director of Health Informatics.
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Rebecca Coyle, Executive Director

Rebecca Coyle is AIRA's Executive Director. She oversees the development and promotion of tools and best practices to support the implementation of immunization information systems as an essential tool in preventing and controlling vaccine-preventable diseases. Rebecca has a master’s degree in education with an emphasis in public health.

Rebecca began her work in the immunization community in 2002 as the School & Childcare Coordinator for the Idaho Immunization Program. She worked in the Minnesota Department of Health as a Center for Disease Control and Prevention public health advisor before returning to Idaho as the Immunization Program Manager. Rebecca joined AIRA in 2010 as the Executive Director.


Alison Chi, Senior Director of Organizational Development

Alison Chi joined AIRA in November 2011. Alison began her work with the immunization information system (IIS) community in 1997 as a provider outreach specialist for the Citywide Immunization Registry (CIR) at the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. Alison’s work for the CIR spanned a variety of capacities including director of electronic health record-IIS interoperability. Alison also worked as a senior administrator overseeing a data collection system used by Health Resources and Services Administration-funded community-based organizations to provide services to people living with HIV/AIDS.


Amanda Dayton, Director of Business & Operations

Amanda Dayton joined AIRA as the Business & Grants Manager in December 2015 and is now Director of Business & Operations. Prior to this role, Amanda worked for the North Carolina Immunization Program for 10 years, first as the Public Information Officer, then as an adolescent immunization program consultant, and most recently as the North Carolina Immunization Registry Manager.


Carmela Gupta, Director of Education & Outreach

Carmela Gupta joined AIRA as a senior program manager in September 2014. Prior to this role, Carmela worked for the Idaho Immunization Program for five years, first as the School and Childcare Immunization Coordinator and later as the Immunization Outreach and Communication Manager. Carmela has experience with immunization policy, outreach and communication, conference planning, and immunization information system forecasting. 


Mary Beth Kurilo, Senior Director of Health Informatics

Mary Beth Kurilo became the Policy and Planning Director for AIRA in November 2014 and is now the Senior Director of Health Informatics. Mary Beth oversees the following three teams:

  • Immunization (IZ) Gateway
  • Immunization Integration Program
  • Standards & Analytics
Prior to coming to AIRA, she worked as the Director of the Oregon ALERT immunization information system (IIS) for eight years. She has been working in the IIS community for over a decade and has served as a past AIRA Board President and as a co-chair or lead for AIRA’s Education Steering Committee, Standards and Interoperability Steering Committee, and Executive Committee. Mary Beth also works as a public health consultant with the Public Health Informatics Institute. 


Maureen Neary, Director of Strategic Initiatives

Maureen Neary worked as a consultant for AIRA before joining full-time as a senior project manager in 2016. Prior to that, she spent 15 years as a senior manager of an entrepreneurial publishing company. She has experience creating infrastructure, overseeing operations, launching websites, managing production, developing content, optimizing client services, and running events.