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Senior Management AIRA’s Business & Operations Team delivers administrative, financial, and operational support for the organization by managing contracts and cooperative agreements, maintaining budgets and associated reporting, conducting program evaluations, and administering human resources services. The team supports AIRA staff by ensuring the many moving parts of the organization are working in a streamlined, efficient, and cooperative manner. 
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Business & Operations Team


Amanda Dayton, Director of Business & Operations

Amanda Dayton joined AIRA as the Business & Grants Manager in December 2015 and is now Director of Business & Operations. Prior to this role, Amanda worked for the North Carolina Immunization Program for 10 years, first as the Public Information Officer, then as an adolescent immunization program consultant, and most recently as the North Carolina Immunization Registry Manager.

Andrea Elizalde, Administrative Assistant 

Andrea Elizalde joined AIRA in March 2021 as the Administrative Assistant to the Business & Operations Team. Prior to coming to AIRA she worked in various roles in the health care and retail industries. She has over nine years of experience in administrative and coordinator roles. Her experience includes scheduling, financials, customer service, and human resources.

Hailey Malepeai, Business Operations Manager

Hailey Malepeai joined AIRA in October 2019 as the Business Operations Manager. Prior to this role, Hailey was the Executive Director of a nonprofit organization that concentrated on breast cancer research and survivorship. Hailey’s background includes operations management, board development, event coordination, and strategic planning, as well as fundraising and grant writing.

Jolyn Preston, Executive Assistant

Jolyn Preston joined AIRA as an executive assistant in 2018. Prior to that, she spent 15 years in business and administrative operations in the fashion and personal care industry. In addition, she has consulted for small businesses on website development, marketing automation, and event planning.


Kim Rutland, Senior Administrative Coordinator

Kim Rutland joined AIRA in February 2019 as an administrative assistant. She has several years of experience in business and marketing for the telecommunications industry. Before coming to AIRA, she served in administrative and coordinator roles for a nonprofit organization that provides international family services.


Lisa Hansen, Business & Grants Manager

Lisa Hansen joined AIRA in March 2021 as the Business & Grants Manager. Prior to coming to AIRA, she worked as the Director of Finance & Data Infrastructure for a small collective impact nonprofit for over five years. Before that she worked for Saint Paul & Minnesota Community Foundation managing grantmaking processes and began her work in the immunization community at Pierce County Public Health in Wisconsin. Lisa has a variety of experience in operational/program evaluation and measurement, project management, data analysis/infrastructure, and health care business/records management.