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Senior Management The Health Informatics Leadership Team oversees three program areas: the Standards and Analytics Team, the Immunization (IZ) Gateway Team, and the Immunization Integration Program Team. The overarching goal of health informatics is to combine healthcare sciences, computer science, and information science to improve the management of health information. At AIRA, health informatics brings together technical, policy, and programmatic resources across multiple organizations to improve the quality, content, and availability of immunization data and information. 
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Health Informatics Leadership Team


Mary Beth Kurilo, Senior Director of Health Informatics

Mary Beth Kurilo became the Policy and Planning Director for AIRA in November 2014 and is now the Senior Director of Health Informatics. Mary Beth oversees the following three teams:

  • Immunization (IZ) Gateway
  • Immunization Integration Program
  • Standards & Analytics

Prior to coming to AIRA, she worked as the Director of the Oregon ALERT immunization information system (IIS) for eight years. She has worked in the IIS community for over a decade and has served as a past AIRA Board President and as a co-chair or lead for AIRA’s Education Steering Committee, Standards and Interoperability Steering Committee, and Executive Committee. Mary Beth also works as a public health consultant with the Public Health Informatics Institute. 


Kristi Siahaya, Director of Standards & Analytics

Kristi Siahaya joined AIRA in October 2017 as a project manager and is now the Director of Standards & Analytics. Kristi has worked in the immunization community for over 10 years in a variety of capacities and in multiple states. She has a broad range of experiences and roles ranging from health educator working to promote the use of the Washington State Immunization Information System, gathering Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS) measures for Premera Blue Cross as a HEDIS administrator, and most recently working as the Executive Director of Public Sector Operations and Delivery on the vendor side with Scientific Technologies Corporation.

Melissa McClung, Director of the Immunization Integration Program

Melissa McClung joined AIRA in December 2020 as Director of the Immunization Integration Program. Her background includes 5 years in software development followed by 20 years at Denver Public Health where her work focused on applying innovative technology to public health. As an epidemiologist and project manager, Melissa led the development and management of a mobile technology solution used to support public health preparedness activities, including mass vaccination and prophylaxis. Melissa was also the project manager for a closed-loop electronic referral project working to establish clinical-community linkages. 

Michelle Hood, Director of the IZ Gateway

Michelle Hood joined AIRA as the Director of the Immunization (IZ) Gateway in October 2020. Michelle began her work with the immunization information system (IIS) community in 2002 when she became the coordinator of the Nebraska State IIS. As coordinator she managed all IIS-related activities, including electronic data exchange. Over the course of 20 years, Michelle managed and coordinated 10 statewide public health data systems, including the IIS, the cancer registry, syndromic surveillance, electronic lab reporting of communicable diseases, vital records, Parkinson’s disease registry, and more. She also served as a past AIRA Board President.