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Senior Management The Education & Outreach Team oversees AIRA's educational resources and opportunities for the immunization information system community. The team is responsible for a wide range of activities, including outreach planning; coordinating in-person opportunities, such as the National Meeting (AIRA's annual conference); online training and interactive calls; developing and sharing educational resources; and managing communications and the AIRA website.
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Education & Outreach Team


Alison Chi, Director of Education & Outreach

Alison Chi joined AIRA in November 2011. Alison began her work with the immunization information system (IIS) community in 1997 as a provider outreach specialist for the Citywide Immunization Registry (CIR) at the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. Alison’s work for the CIR spanned a variety of capacities, including director of electronic health record-IIS interoperability. Alison also worked as a senior administrator overseeing a data collection system used by Health Resources and Services Administration-funded community-based organizations to provide services to people living with HIV/AIDS.


Beth Parilla, Senior Program Manager

Beth Parilla joined AIRA as a senior program manager in 2017. Prior to working with AIRA, Beth worked for the Minnesota Department of Health Immunization Program for 11 years. During that time, she worked as an epidemiologist, Vaccines For Children program coordinator, and supervisor for the Vaccine Management and Improvement Unit.


Brittany Gyer, Program Manager

Brittany Gyer joined AIRA in June 2017. Brittany brings several years of administrative experience to AIRA, including event registration, event coordination, and mass communication. She has served in various administrative roles, including as a youth administrator and finance and business assistant. 


Carmela Gupta, Senior Program Manager

Carmela Gupta joined AIRA as a senior program manager in September 2014. Prior to this role, Carmela worked for the Idaho Immunization Program for five years, first as the School and Childcare Immunization Coordinator and later as the Immunization Outreach and Communication Manager. Carmela has experience with immunization policy, outreach and communication, conference planning, and immunization information system forecasting. 

Sarah Stein, Administrative Assistant

Sarah Stein joined AIRA as an administrative assistant supporting the Education & Outreach Team in October 2020. She has previously provided support to chief executive officers and high-profile executives in government, nonprofit, political, and university environments. Her experience includes scheduling, briefings, event management, budgets, travel, and contracts.