Our Work

AIRA provides a forum through which members combine efforts, share knowledge, and promote activities to advance IIS and immunization programs.

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Steering Committees

Steering committees guide the development of projects and activities in four key areas: assessment, education, best practices, and interoperability.


Workgroups manage specific projects or activities to support and strengthen the IIS community.

User Groups

User groups bring community members together to discuss specific issues that they have in common.

  • HL7 Immunization User Group
    The HL7 Immunization User Group supports IIS and EHR implementers globally as they work to create and maintain immunization interfaces. This user group is a joint offering of HL7 International and AIRA.

  • Awardee-Developed Joint Development User Group
    All IIS staff with awardee-developed IIS and their vendors/implementers are invited to monthly webinars to discuss topics of joint development.

  • Address Cleansing and Geocoding User Group
    All IIS enrolled in the Address Cleansing and Geocoding program as well as prospect IIS are invited to this monthly conversation where participants compare, discuss, and troubleshoot implementation of SmartyStreets.

Joint Development & Implementation (JDI)

JDI works to broaden and formalize the planning, coordination, and implementation of knowledge transfer regarding best practices for IIS development and collaboratively developed products.

  • Interjurisdictional Exchange
    Interjurisdictional Community of Practice is a forum for working together as a community to address common IIS-IIS data exchange barriers and solutions.

Measurement and Improvement Initiative

The IIS Measurement and Improvement Initiative provides IIS with information and guidance to align with the IIS Functional Standards.

  • Aggregate Analysis Reporting Tool (AART)
    AART is an application developed to visualize and compare how an IIS is operating in relation to current standards and best practices.

  • Testing and Discovery
    Testing and Discovery gathers preliminary information on community alignment with standards.

  • Assessment
    IIS Assessment involves formal testing to measure individual IIS using community-selected measures and tests.

  • Validation
    Validation acknowledges and shares results for IIS that are progressing toward or achieving alignment with community-selected measures and tests.

Standards & Best Practices

AIRA works with the IIS community to identify operational issues that need best practice and standards development and to develop community-informed products.


AIRA works with international partners to support immunization information systems around the world.

Technical Assistance Resources

AIRA offers technical assistance to our members, as well as training videos, FAQ documents, and webinars.