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AIRA 20th Anniversary Video

It has been a pleasure spending the last two decades working with all of our great partners in the IIS community. Looking forward to another 20 years with all of you!



Slides from 2019 AIRA National Meeting Now Available

AIRA 2019 National Meeting presentation slides are now available in the AIRA repository. Find presentations easily by filtering on “National Meeting Presentations” and “2019.”

You can also view the presentations by visiting the National Meeting page of the AIRA website, selecting the full meeting agenda, and clicking on listed presentations of interest.

Please note: While the presentation slides provide an outline of presentations given at the AIRA 2019 National Meeting, they cannot substitute for being part of the live oral commentary and discussion that occurred.


Streamlined Agreement and Extended Funding Make No-Cost Address Cleansing & Geocoding Service Irresistible

There has never been a better time to sign up for SmartyStreets, the shared address cleansing and geocoding service that is available to AIRA members at no charge!

AIRA just updated its Partner Agreement to accommodate jurisdictions that have strict policies about indemnification and liability terms. The Partner Agreement is the first step in getting access to the service. If you’ve reviewed the agreement before and had to reject it, or if you have yet to read it, it’s time to check it out!

In addition, AIRA and the CDC have extended their funding of the service through 2024. That means the service will be available to IIS programs at no charge until at least that time; we hope to continue funding the service after that, based on the value and economies of scale it offers the whole IIS community. Invest your resources in setting it up now — and your payoff will continue for years to come!

Along with geocoding, SmartyStreets offers address standardization and validation through manual batch processing, automated batch processing, an HL7 real-time solution, and/or a user interface API. The service became available to all AIRA member IIS programs as of June 1, 2017.

Are you interested in learning more from IIS who are using the service?Attend one of our User Group meetings! You don’t have to be enrolled to participate in the calls. The Address Cleansing User Group meets every other month on the second Wednesday.

Please contact Maureen Neary with all your questions about the SmartyStreets service and to join the User Group.


Save the Date for the AIRA 2020 National Meeting! 


New MIROW Releases

The Modeling of Immunization Registry Operations Workgroup (MIROW) Steering Committee (SC) has released newly developed and repackaged MIROW materials.

For the past year and half, MIROW has been piloting a new process to repackage and reformat a previous MIROW guide to improve readability and make the guide more user friendly for the IIS community developed and repackaged MIROW materials.

In addition, MIROW sub-workgroups developed:

  • Stand-alone common vocabulary materials to serve as a consolidated reference source for terms used in MIROW guides.
  • A consolidated guide that provides a description of the MIROW development approach and tools used to develop all MIROW guides, past and future.

AIRA 2018 Annual Report Now Available!

AIRA's 2018 Annual Report is now available! We hope you enjoy reading through and reviewing AIRA's highlighted accomplishments.

AIRA would like to sincerely thank those who volunteered. Without their time, input, and effort, AIRA would be unable to achieve its mission and vision.

AIRA largely credits its success to the collaboration of its members.