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All About IIS: AIRA IIS One-Sheets

AIRA has developed a series of one-sheet resources to communicate the role and value of immunization information systems (IIS) for use by the IIS community. The resources include fact sheets and infographics that provide information on the key features of IIS, how an IIS makes the community stronger, and more. The five one-sheets as well as an explanatory document are available in the AIRA repository.

Titles of the resources are:

  • 4 Ways AIRA Supports the IIS Community
  • EHR and IIS (Infographic)
  • How IIS Support a Patient's Journey (Infographic)
  • Value of IIS (Infographic)
  • Why a National IIS Doesn't Exist

Will more one-sheets be released?
We currently have more one-sheets in the pipeline. If there’s a burning topic that isn’t covered by these resources, let us know! You can email suggested topics to [email protected].


Introducing the IIS Functional Guide, Vol. 2: CDC Endorsed Data Elements

AIRA is proud to introduce the newest document in the IIS Functional Guide Series - the IIS Functional Guide, Vol. 2: CDC Endorsed Data Elements. This document focuses on clarifying definitions and attributes of a select set of CDC endorsed data elements.

A workgroup of subject matter experts convened to review the IIS Functional Standards v4.0 and CDC Endorsed Data Elements and identify those data elements most in need of clarification. This subset of data elements is presented in the guide with expanded information to clarify definitions, describe areas of challenge experienced by IIS and EHRs, and document expectations for data submitters and receivers.

The goal of this guide is to bridge gaps in documentation and address some of the interoperability challenges facing the IIS community today.


SnapShots: March 2019

We’re happy to announce the March edition of SnapShots is available. This edition features an encouraging update from Philadelphia and Delaware about how they’ve been able to successfully exchange immunization information, an exciting reminder/recall project in Georgia that has helped increase HPV rates, important updates from CDC on IQIP and the Community of Practice for improving provider IIS participation, and more. We hope you enjoy reading these success stories from across the IIS community.

SnapShots is AIRA’s quarterly newsletter that highlights the progress, best practices, and accomplishments of IIS. We accept articles on a rolling basis and would love to hear from you! Please email SnapShots Editor Katie Reed with any articles or ideas for future articles.


Comment Period Extended on NPRMs, Comments Requested on TEFCA

The deadline for commenting on the two current NPRMs (ONC’s NPRM on interoperability and information blocking and CMS’s NPRM on patient access and interoperability) have both been extended from May 3 to June 3. As a result, updated draft copies of AIRA’s comments for both rules are attached, but AIRA will wait to finalize comments until we’re closer to the deadline to leave room for late-breaking comments.

The second draft of TEFCA (Trusted Exchange Framework and Common Agreement) was also released. The TEFCA draft can be found here, while a User’s Guide for Understanding TEFCA can be found here. Comments on TEFCA will be due on June 17, so watch for a schedule to come out soon on collecting comments on this new draft.

Please contact Mary Beth Kurilo with questions, and thank you for your continued contributions to our community’s comments on these important documents!


AIRA Letter and Comments on Healthy People 2030 Objectives 

The HHS Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion  is updating the Healthy People 2020 objectives, and sent out a draft of the Healthy People 2030 proposed objectives.

The Healthy People 2030 objectives remove all IIS-related objectives and AIRA and its members are deeply concerned that the proposed 2030 objectives will significantly minimize and weaken immunization related activities over the coming decade. Additionally, most of the immunization-related objectives have been eliminated.

AIRA’s comments advocate for adding the IIS-related objectives back into the 2030 proposed objectives. They were submitted on January 17, 2019. 


AIRA 2019 National Meeting

AIRA’s 2019 National Meeting will be held in Indianapolis, Indiana on August 13-15, 2019.

The early bird gets something way more appealing than a worm. Make sure to register by Sunday, July 14 to save big money with the early bird registration rate.

Check out the National Meeting website for more information.