What's New

Epi and Data Visualization Support

Could your jurisdiction benefit from additional epidemiological or data visualization support? AIRA’s Epidemiologist/Data Analyst, Taylor Boomsma, is available to help! Taylor started at AIRA in November. She has experience with IIS coverage rate analysis, creating data quality reports, visualizing data in Tableau, and also ran the Immunization Quality Improvement for Providers program in Tennessee.

Taylor is offering office hours twice a week and is also available by appointment.

Office Hours:

  • Tuesdays from 11 a.m. to noon ET
  • Thursdays from 3 to 4 p.m. ET

If there is a data set we can help you analyze and visualize, email or call Taylor at [email protected] or 202-975-0305.


Join the Tableau User Group!

Are you a current/experienced Tableau user or interested in learning Tableau? Do you want to visualize and communicate your IIS data more effectively? All are welcome to attend the Tableau User Group that kicked off in January.

The goals of the user group are to:

  • Create a space for jurisdictions to engage in peer-to-peer sharing
  • Synergize Tableau efforts across jurisdictions
  • Consolidate and disseminate Tableau resources

To receive invitations for upcoming Tableau User Group meetings, email Courtnay Londo.


AIRA 2019 Annual Report

Check out the AIRA 2019 Annual Report to learn about our community's accomplishments.

Most importantly we want to thank our members for their amazing work. AIRA relies on thoughtful, smart, engaged, and innovative members and volunteers to collaboratively achieve its mission and vision. For over 20 years, AIRA has worked cooperatively with its members to grow and serve the IIS community. Thank you for your efforts to coordinate and amplify the voice of immunization information systems and public health!