What's New

New ECDC Immunisation Information System Technical Report Now Available 

The ECDC handbook on designing and implementing an immunization information system is now available. AIRA would like to congratulate our European colleagues for all of their hard work in developing this resource, a resource that has broad relevance for jurisdictions wanting to evaluate and/or implement an IIS.


Save the date!

The AIRA 2019 National Meeting will be Tuesday, August 13 through Thursday, August 15, 2019 in Indianapolis, Indiana. 

Stay tuned…the Call for Abstracts will open after the New Year!


New ONC Report on Provider Burden Out For Comment

ONC recently released a new report titled Strategy on Reducing Regulatory and Administrative Burden Relating to the Use of Health IT and EHRs. The report shares many recommendations on lowering reporting burden, and has a lengthy section on Public Health Reporting.

AIRA will be commenting on it as a member organization, and we encourage all of our members to comment through their jurisdictions as well. Comments are due by January 28, and the final version of the report is expected in late 2019. 

Questions can be directed to Mary Beth Kurilo.


Data Quality Practices to Monitor and Evaluate Data at Rest 

AIRA is excited to announce that Data Quality Practices to Monitor and Evaluate Data at Rest is now available. The purpose of the guide is to provide practical guidance on techniques, methodologies, and processes for IIS to use in assessing the quality of data at rest.

The audience for the guide includes IIS managers and staff with responsibility for ensuring IIS data quality. This may include data quality specialists, data exchange staff, and/or interoperability or interface coordinators. Immunization program staff in positions that interact with the IIS data may also find the guide of interest.


Preparing for Vaccination Coverage Assessments: A VFC Provider's Guide to Success

A new quick-guide, Preparing for Vaccination Coverage Assessments: A VFC Provider's Guide to Success, is now available in the AIRA repository.

This quick-guide has been designed to help providers prepare for an upcoming VFC provider coverage assessment by leveraging pre-visit assessments, confirming active patient lists, and ensuring that records in the IIS are as accurate and complete as possible.

The document includes information on:

  • What gets assessed during a coverage assessment
  • How to prepare for a coverage assessment
  • Which everyday activities are helpful in having a successful coverage assessment

The quick-guide also includes a succinct Coverage Assessment Readiness Checklist. 


Identifying Immunization Pockets of Need

AIRA is excited to announce that a new guide, Identifying Immunization Pockets of Need – Small Area Analysis of IIS Data to Detect Undervaccinated Populations, is now published on the AIRA website.

The guide includes:

  • An overview of pockets of need and small area analysis using IIS data
  • A step-by-step process for using small area analysis to find pockets of need
  • Practical tips for assessing data quality issues that may impact identifying pockets of need
  • Strategies on when and how to respond to identified pockets of need

The guide also includes examples from a variety of IIS throughout the country that are using their IIS data to identify pockets of need through small area analysis. By finding pockets of need, immunization programs can strategically use limited resources and prevent or control vaccine-preventable disease outbreaks. Responses may include performing other analyses to confirm the pocket of need, conducting outreach, or making the data broadly available.

We hope this guide will be a valuable resource to those interested in identifying pockets of need using their IIS data. A warm thank you to the AIRA Assessment Steering Committee and the workgroup members who helped develop the guide