What's New

Tableau User Group

Are you a current Tableau user? Do you want to expand your skill set? Or are you interested in learning Tableau to visualize and communicate your IIS data more effectively?

In the next few months, AIRA will kick off a Tableau user group. To make it worthwhile and beneficial, we want to ask you five quick questions. These will help us gain a better understanding of your status regarding IIS data visualization.

If you currently use Tableau or want to become a user, please take 30 seconds (yes, it’s really that short!) to let us know you are interested. Click here to access the survey or email Courtnay Londo for details.


Virtual AART Clinics - Schedule Now!

AIRA is excited to offer 30-minute virtual appointments for you and your IIS team to meet with AIRA technical staff to review the Aggregate Analysis Reporting Tool (AART) testing results and discuss detailed and practical recommendations for improvement. Please coordinate with your IIS team to choose a day and time that works for you. Appointments are available in November and December. Sign up here to register. Contact Assiatou Diallo for more information.


AIRA 2019 Annual Report

Check out the AIRA 2019 Annual Report to learn about our community's accomplishments.

Most importantly we want to thank our members for their amazing work. AIRA relies on thoughtful, smart, engaged, and innovative members and volunteers to collaboratively achieve its mission and vision. For over 20 years, AIRA has worked cooperatively with its members to grow and serve the IIS community. Thank you for your efforts to coordinate and amplify the voice of immunization information systems and public health!


 A Guide for When Things Go Wrong

AIRA and the Modeling of Immunization Registry Operations Workgroup (MIROW) is excited to announce that a new MIROW guide, Business Continuity Planning for Immunization Information System Programs, is now available. The guide and mini-guide are available in the AIRA repository.

Highlights of the Guide

• Overview of the key concepts related to business continuity
• A step-by-step process for developing a business continuity plan
• A discussion of implementation considerations
• A list of principles to guide the development and use of a business continuity plan
• Tools and examples to support the creation and use of a business continuity plan

Our hope is that this guide, mini-guide, and webinar will be useful in the development and implementation of business continuity plans.