AIRA Membership

Membership in AIRA brings a lot of benefits and opportunities. Find out which membership category is best for you, consider becoming a partner, and learn about upcoming changes to membership. 

  • Benefits of Membership
    Learn about AIRA membership benefits, such as discounted rates for AIRA meetings, receipt of AIRA publications, and access to members-only resources on AIRA's website.
  • Supporting Membership
    AIRA’s Supporting Membership is an excellent opportunity for private-sector organizations to support AIRA and its mission to address health issues affecting our nation.

  • Membership FAQs
    Get answers to frequently asked questions about AIRA Membership.

  • Become an AIRA Member
    AIRA offers many opportunities to support its mission and participate in community activities. We’d love to hear your voice! 

AIRA appreciates our members!