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American Immunization Registry Association
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Email AIRA staff

Rebecca Coyle, Executive Director

Amanda Dayton, Director of Business and Operations 

Alison Chi, Director of Education and Outreach

Kristi Siahaya, Director of Standards and Analytics

Mary Beth Kurilo, Senior Director of Health Informatics

Maureen Neary, Director of Strategic Initiatives

Amber Buckland, Administrative Assistant

Andrea Elizalde, Administrative Assistant

Assiatou Diallo, Senior Technical Analyst

Beth Parilla, Senior Program Manager

Briana Green, IZ Gateway Onboarding Analyst (Consultant)

Brittany Gyer, Assistant Program Manager

Carmela Gupta, Senior Program Manager

Christina Babin, AIRA Consultant

Courtnay Londo, Program Manager

Damon Ferlazzo, Business Analyst

Deepali Rastogi, HL7 Onboarding Specialist (Consultant)

Denise Barker, Event Coordinator (Consultant)

Eric LarsonSenior Technical Project Manager (Consultant)

Erin Roche, IZ Gateway Business Analyst (Consultant)

Ezenwa Dike, IZ Gateway Technical Analyst (Consultant)

Hailey Malepeai, Business and Operations Manager

Jenn Combes, Assistant Project Manager

Jo Turcotte, Membership Coordinator

John Anderson, IZ Gateway Onboarding Analyst (Consultant)

Jolyn Preston, Executive Assistant

Kim Rutland, Senior Administrative Coordinator

Lisa Hansen, Business and Grants Manager

Liz Abbott, Adult Program Manager

Lonnie Peterson, Communications Specialist

Melissa McClung, Director of the Immunization Integration Program

Michelle Hood, Director of the IZ Gateway

Nathan Bunker, Senior Technical Project Manager

Nicole Grajek, IZ Gateway Project Manager (Consultant)

Rachael Miles, HL7 Onboarding Specialist (Consultant)

Rebecca Sandtveit, Administrative Assistant

Sara Sanford, Senior Project Manager

Sarah Stein, Administrative Assistant

Shalena Prude, Senior Project Manager

Taylor Boomsma, Epidemiologist

Tesha Lucas, Technical Analyst

Wintana Bairu, Evaluation Specialist (Consultant)

Yaasmeen Daud, Assistant Project Manager