Onboarding Shared Services Program

Onboarding is a term used to describe the process and activities necessary to establish an electronic interface between an immunization provider’s electronic health record (EHR) system and a jurisdiction’s immunization information system (IIS). During the COVID-19 pandemic, thousands of new data exchange partners needed to be onboarded to immunization information systems (IIS) and new provider types emerged as valuable immunization and data exchange partners. This experience highlighted the need for additional onboarding support and a more standardized approach to onboarding across the IIS community.

To support this need AIRA collaborated with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to develop an Onboarding Shared Services (OSS) program dedicated to support awardee jurisdictions with onboarding providers to their local IIS. The program references and promotes AIRA’s Onboarding Consensus-Based Recommendations and includes provider onboarding services aimed to:

  • Reduce the backlog of providers waiting to onboard
  • Enhance and accelerate IIS ability to onboard providers efficiently and effectively
  • Increase the standardization of onboarding processes nationwide

This work supports routine immunizations as well as the COVID-19 pandemic response by providing the following services to jurisdictions:

This program is intended to optimize and standardize jurisdictional onboarding practices and support the efficient exchange of timely and complete data between electronic health records and IIS.

How to Request OSS Support

Complete the AIRA Technical Assistance Request to initiate onboarding support. Within the Technical Assistance request form, please select "Provider Onboarding" as the category of request.


If you are interested in learning more about the OSS program, email [email protected].

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