AIRA hosts webinars on a wide variety of topics related to IIS. These webinars act as a forum to bring our members and partners together to share information, discuss important questions, and determine how we want to move forward as a community.

Upcoming Webinars

All AIRA webinars are communicated to members via email and are posted on AIRA’s Events Calendar. AIRA offers regularly scheduled webinars from the Education Steering Committee and via Discovery Sessions.

  • Educational Webinars: The Education Steering Committee hosts several webinars each year about hot topics in the IIS community. These webinars are announced in emails from AIRA and are posted on AIRA’s calendar.
  • Discovery Sessions: AIRA offers monthly Discovery Session webinars which review topic areas relevant to all IIS managers but specifically target new IIS managers, staff, and those new to the IIS community. Discovery Sessions are typically held on the fourth Monday of the month from 4:00 to 5:00 p.m. ET.

Past Webinars

Past webinars are available in the Resource Repository.