Message Quality Evaluation (MQE) Tool

The Message Quality Evaluation (MQE) tool is an open-source application that is freely available to the members of the immunization information system (IIS) community.

The tool is designed to assist sites in consistently evaluating and improving the quality of data coming into their IIS. It allows users with varying levels of expertise to quickly and easily generate a series of reports that describe the quality of incoming immunization data.

How is it used?

Individual users can take advantage of a stand-alone implementation of the MQE. More advanced implementers can integrate the tool with their IIS to automate evaluation and report generation and even make decisions about whether or not data are appropriate for IIS consumption.

Why use it?

The tool facilitates onboarding new submitters by quickly identifying problems in existing data feeds. Messages will show IIS staff whether data are good, fair, or poor in an easy-to-read web-based report.

How does the tool impact the IIS community?

The ways in which incoming data are evaluated varies from site to site. With multiple IIS evaluating incoming data using the same tool, comparing the same elements, with the same code sets and metadata, sites are able to collaborate better to solve common data quality issues across messages, submitters, or even vaccine types. When the IIS community speaks with a single voice, our message will be more easily heard.

How can an IIS participate?

All IIS are welcome to use this resource and/or to be part of the evolution of this open-source tool. IIS can share resources to help develop the tool by joining the community-led MQE Project Team. AIRA can help connect members of the IIS community interested in MQE with the community-led project team. Please email [email protected] to get involved.

What can an IIS do to get started?

• Review the business case for the evolving MQE tool.
• Watch the introductory webinar on the MQE tool and project.
• Install the latest version of the MQE tool.

Is there more documentation on the MQE tool?

Several related documents have been created to further support the community’s engagement with the MQE Tool:

  • MQE Overview and Functional Requirements: This document describes technical decisions made based on requirements gathered prior to JDI involvement and serves as a living document that will include updated requirements as they are gathered from the community. It serves as a reference for IIS technical staff as well as IIS program and management staff that are interested in reviewing the more technical components of this application.
  • MQE Resource Plan: The aim of this document is twofold: 1) to describe resources needed to complete the initial release and associated documentation and 2) to provide an outline for resource planning to support ongoing enhancements and future releases that benefit the entire IIS community.
  • MQE Implementation Guide: This document describes the use case and requirements for the stand-alone implementation of the MQE tool.
  • MQE User Guide: This document describes routine use of the stand-alone implementation of the MQE tool.
  • MQE Testing Guidance: The primary objective of this document is to describe routine testing that should be completed following any sprint. The secondary objective is to provide a detailed script that can be followed to test specific expected functionality.
  • MQE Decision Framework and Sustainability Plan: This document outlines the structure created and decisions made to support the development and maintenance of the MQE tool, and the sustainability plan to ensure it remains an ongoing resource for the IIS community.
  • Open Source Product Adoption Evaluation Worksheet: This worksheet is designed to help an immunization program evaluate an open source product for potential adoption.


If you are interested in learning more about the MQE tool or engaging in this community-led project, please contact [email protected].