Publication Project Workgroup

The Publication Project Workgroup (PPW) fosters the increased publication of peer-reviewed IIS-related articles. 


The PPW provides a forum for collaboration among IIS stakeholders and experts to identify, prioritize, and outline key themes and messages for journal publication. PPW members discuss helpful strategies and barriers to publication, identify and coordinate publication options, and encourage and support members of the IIS community in preparing potential journal articles.


PPW members include experts from IIS programs, universities, public health organizations, CDC, and IIS and EHR implementers/vendors. Members have expertise in the peer review journal publication process and broad knowledge of issues impacting the IIS community. Individuals interested in joining the PPW will be asked to submit a short application to gather information regarding experience with the journal publication process.

How to Join the PPW


The PPW typically meets on the first Wednesday of every other month from 2 to 3 p.m. ET. Meetings are listed on AIRA’s events calendar.

Need Publication Support? Contact our PPW Experts!

You can send publication-related questions to AIRA’s “collegial queries” email address, and subject matter experts (SMEs) from the PPW will respond. Any publication-related questions are fair game. PPW members are available to offer peer feedback prior to article submission, to help match article topics to journals, and/or to serve as a sounding board for IIS analysis and publication ideas. If you have a question or idea to run past the PPW, email [email protected].  

Additional Resource

AIRA’s PPW offers a variety of resources and support for the IIS community.