Modeling of Immunization Registry Operations Workgroup (MIROW)

MIROW develops best practice recommendations.


The purpose of MIROW is to develop a best practice operational improvement guidebook and to promote the implementation of best practices in the IIS community. 

Best practice recommendations include:

  • An overview of the topic being reviewed
  • Principles, business rules, and general recommendations associated with the topic
  • Various models, such as business process models, state transition models, and others
  • Agreed upon terms and definitions
  • Information about implementation considerations for the best practice recommendations

Each guide is available as a full guide or as a summarized mini-guide. This is an ongoing initiative with additional topics added regularly.

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The MIROW Steering Committee includes experts from state and city IIS, IIS implementers, and CDC.  The MIROW co-chairs are Mandy Harris and Miriam Muscoplat.

Not an MIROW member? MIROW is a limited-membership committee which offers membership through invitation only. If you are interested in nominating yourself for future openings on this committee, please email [email protected]. An AIRA staff member will contact you if you are being considered for an open MIROW Steering Committee member position.


The MIROW Steering Committee meets the third Thursday of every month from 4:00 to 5:00 p.m. ET (1:00 to 2:00 p.m. PT). Meetings are also listed on AIRA’s events calendar.

MIROW Resources for the IIS Community

Best Practice Guidelines

For general information about MIROW and the development of MIROW guides, please read MIROW and the Best Practice Development Process. The MIROW Suggested Reading Paths document can be used to help navigate the guides below by staff role.

MIROW Common Vocabulary

MIROW common vocabulary has been developed by consolidating the terms found in each of the MIROW guides and then applying a concise definition to each term. The current release of the common vocabulary contains core terms (i.e., terms found in three or more guides) and terms found in the repackaged Management of Patient Status in Immunization Information Systems and Reminder/Recall in Immunization Information Systems. The common vocabulary will ultimately be a comprehensive, one-stop shop for all of the terminology in MIROW guides. Additionally, the common vocabulary will grow as new subject areas are addressed by MIROW. Learn more about the common vocabulary used in MIROW guides. 

MIROW Principles and Business Rules Reports

The MIROW Principles and Business Rules Reports have been developed to provide the ability to search for information across all MIROW guides via a consolidated report on principles and business rules.

MIROW Evaluation Final Report

Learn how MIROW best practices are being implemented across the country in the MIROW Evaluation Final Report

Additional Resources for Committee Members

To access additional resources for committee members:

  • Go to My Profile and log-in
  • Select the “My Features” tab and click “Committees” in the dropdown menu
  • Select the “Modeling of Immunization Registry Operations Workgroup (MIROW)"
  • Select the “Files” tab