Onboarding Templates

Documentation is critical for communicating requirements and for setting and managing expectations throughout the onboarding process. Immunization information system (IIS) programs should assess their current onboarding documentation and consider whether there are documents that can be simplified, combined, condensed, or eliminated entirely. Documents used for onboarding should be reviewed periodically, updated as needed, and made easily accessible to the stakeholders involved.

The Onboarding Shared Services (OSS) program team has actively engaged with jurisdictions and external partners to use the Onboarding Consensus-Based Recommendations (OCBR) to develop standardized templates for documentation supporting the onboarding process. The templates are now available to be used as guidance in developing local processes and documentation or to help identify where existing resources can be modified to better align with the recommendations identified within the OCBR.  They’re intended to be personalized and modified to meet jurisdictional needs.

Check Out the Onboarding Templates

AIRA’s onboarding templates include:

  1. Readiness Checklist: a tool used to provide an overview of activities that need to be completed by a provider in order to prepare for onboarding and data exchange.
  2. Registration Form: a tool used to capture basic information from a provider organization that wants to exchange data with your IIS.
  3. Questionnaire: a questionnaire used to capture detailed information from a provider regarding population served, immunization practice, patients, and electronic health record (EHR) system used.
  4. Onboarding Guide: a tool used to provide information about the IIS onboarding process for provider organizations to establish and test data exchange with an IIS.
  5. Onboarding and Interface Project Tracking Tool: a tool that allows IIS to monitor and track provider organizations' onboarding progress.
  6. Standard Operating Procedure: a tool that documents policies, tasks, communications, and responsibilities associated with the onboarding of provider organizations.
  7. Roles and Responsibilities (RASCI): a tool that documents roles and responsibilities among IIS resources for tasks associated with the onboarding process.


If you are interested in learning more about the OSS program, email [email protected]. If you are interested in more hands-on support in developing or modifying your documentation or processes, please visit the Onboarding Process and Documentation Consultation page.