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Senior Management The Strategic Initiatives Team welcomes and explores new ideas and partnerships and creates structure around them. The team is currently responsible for several initiatives, including Vaccinate with Confidence, Adult Vaccination Capture in Immunization Information Systems, and Routine Immunizations. Team members also support AIRA’s Board and membership, as well as special initiatives and collaborations with strategic partners nationally and globally.
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Strategic Initiatives

Strategic Initiatives Team


Maureen Neary, Director of Strategic Initiatives

Maureen Neary worked as a consultant for AIRA before joining full-time as a senior project manager in 2016 and is now the Director of Strategic Initiatives. Prior to coming to AIRA, she spent 15 years as a senior manager of an entrepreneurial publishing company. She has experience creating infrastructure, overseeing operations, launching websites, managing production, developing content, optimizing client services, and running events. 

Amber Buckland, Administrative Assistant

Amber Buckland joined AIRA in June 2021 as an administrative assistant. Prior to this role, she worked for the Missouri Public School Retirement System (PSRS) for five years as a business continuity planner and administrative assistant to the executive office and the board. While at PSRS she worked on disaster planning, state legislation, and oversaw board elections and events. Prior to this Amber worked as a legal assistant and special assistant to the director’s office at the Missouri Department of Agriculture for 10 years where she worked on legislation, drafted state rules and statutes, and planned multiple statewide events for public outreach and education.


Courtnay Londo, Program Manager

Courtnay Londo joined AIRA in August 2020. Courtnay began her work in immunizations in 2007 with the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services where she served in various roles, including flu health education coordinator, adolescent and adult immunization coordinator, and school wellness program coordinator. Courtnay has experience managing grants, leading coalitions, organizing communication campaigns, and collaborating with immunization stakeholders, including co-chairing the National Adult Immunization Coordinators’ Partnership for five years. Courtnay is also a writer/consultant with the Immunization Action Coalition. 

Jo Turcotte, Membership Coordinator

Jo Turcotte joined AIRA in January 2021 as the membership coordinator. Prior to this role, Jo worked with two other organizations where her efforts were focused on membership, programs management, marketing, customer service, and event coordination. 


Jody Dial, Project Manager

Jody Dial joined AIRA as a project manager in July 2021. Prior to this role, Jody worked for the Kentucky Immunization Program for nine years, first as the AFIX/IQIP Coordinator and Immunization Registry Coordinator, and most recently as the Immunization Data and Surveillance Section Manager. Before coming to the Kentucky Immunization Program, Jody worked for 10 years as an infectious disease epidemiologist for the states of Georgia and New Hampshire.

Liz Abbott, Adult Program Manager

Liz Abbott joined AIRA in December 2019 as a senior program manager to oversee AIRA’s participation in strategies to expand adult immunization capture in immunization information systems. Prior to joining AIRA, Liz served as the Director of Programs and Strategy at the Colorado Children’s Immunization Coalition where she led initiatives and partnerships to improve immunization education, access, policy, and data translation. She directed the development of data visualization tools to expand the use of vaccine coverage data to inform programs and policy, and to provide context for diverse stakeholders in Colorado. Liz has also worked on efforts to reduce vaccination barriers for specific populations, such as refugees, immigrants, and pregnant women and children on Medicaid.

Taylor Boomsma, Epidemiologist

Taylor Boomsma joined AIRA in November 2020 as an epidemiologist. Prior to this role, she was the Vaccines For Children-Immunization Information System (IIS) Epidemiologist at the Tennessee Department of Health. She also served as the Adolescent Immunization Coordinator where she collaborated with other immunization stakeholders to increase HPV vaccine uptake in Tennessee. She has experience analyzing IIS-based vaccination coverage assessments, developing data-driven reports to inform programmatic process improvement, managing large projects and CDC-led programs, as well as creating impactful Tableau visualizations.