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Senior Management AIRA’s Standards & Analytics Team gives immunization information system (IIS) programs information and guidance to better align with national standards, including measurement, guidance, and assistance activities, the most significant of which involves the Measurement and Improvement Initiative. The team helps IIS programs understand gaps in alignment with standards and prioritize enhancements. Technical assistance is offered to the IIS community to improve data quality and interoperability among IIS and electronic data exchange partners.
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Standards & Analytics Team


Kristi Siahaya, Director of Standards & Analytics

Kristi Siahaya joined AIRA in October 2017 as a project manager and is now the Director of Standards & Analytics. Kristi has worked in the immunization community for over 10 years in a variety of capacities and in multiple states. She has a broad range of experiences and roles ranging from health educator working to promote the use of the Washington State Immunization Information System, gathering Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS) measures for Premera Blue Cross as a HEDIS administrator, and working as the Executive Director of Public Sector Operations and Delivery on the vendor side with Scientific Technologies Corporation.

Anna Halloran, Technical Assistance Coordinator

Anna Halloran joined AIRA in December 2020 as a technical assistance coordinator. Prior to joining AIRA, she spent over a decade in local public health as an epidemiologist and in other roles controlling and preventing communicable diseases. In addition to communicable disease epidemiology, Anna’s background includes surveillance, community health outreach, process improvement, technical writing, research, and health education.

Assiatou Diallo, Senior Technical Analyst

Assiatou (Assi) Diallo joined AIRA in August 2020 as a senior technical analyst. Assi began her work in the immunization information system community in 2014 as an epidemiologist with the Tennessee Immunization Information System (TennIIS) at the Tennessee Department of Health (TDH). Assi’s work for TennIIS and the immunization program spanned a variety of capacities, including Lead TennIIS Epidemiologist and Program Improvement and Evaluation Team Manager. Prior to TDH, Assi worked as a research assistant in the Department of Global Health and Social Medicine at Harvard Medical School and as a project coordinator at Partners in Health in Boston.


Eric Larson, Senior Technical Project Manager (Consultant)

Eric Larson has been working to advance immunization information systems (IIS) since 2001. Eric worked for several years as an IIS implementer helping several states implement and maintain their IIS before transitioning to a contractor role for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, where he worked on interoperability and clinical decision support initiatives. Eric joined AIRA in 2015 to be part of the Interoperability Testing Project. 


Nathan Bunker, Senior Technical Project Manager

Nathan Bunker joined AIRA in August 2015. He has 10 years of experience working as a software developer and public health consultant for public and private agencies within the immunization community. His experience ranges from writing software to promoting the creation and use of technical standards for immunizations. At AIRA, Nathan provides assistance to immunization information systems (IIS) to meet technical standards, particularly for HL7 messaging and clinical decision support, and assists in development of new technical standards and resources for IIS use. 

Rebecca Sandtveit, Administrative Assistant

Rebecca Sandtveit joined the AIRA Standards & Analytics Team as an administrative assistant in January 2021. She has spent over 15 years supporting teams in the medical and nonprofit sectors. In addition to team planning and committee management, Rebecca’s background includes policy review, real estate and tax law, donor outreach, and public relations.

Shalena Prude, Senior Project Manager

Shalena Prude joined AIRA in January 2021 as a senior project manager. Prior to joining the organization, she was a product manager who defined enhancements for the roadmap and managed the HL7 and electronic data interchange process (EDI) for various private and public health care entities. Shalena also has over five years of experience working with local and state public health departments in electronic health records and HL7 interoperability adoption, software training, and product development. Early in her public health career, Shalena enjoyed various aspects of both community and environmental health, including working as a nutritionist for WIC State Agency and Harvesters Community Foodbank. Additionally, she conducted food safety inspections and training as a public health specialist for the Kansas City Health Department.

Tesha Lucas, Technical Analyst

Tesha Lucas joined AIRA as a technical analyst in December 2019. Prior to joining AIRA, Tesha’s work focused on process improvement and operational excellence within the financial services industry. She has experience in data analysis, identifying key drivers and trends, creating procedures and job aids, and reporting metrics.