Address Cleansing Service

Access to Smarty is now available to all AIRA member immunization information system (IIS) programs. This service is a data quality intervention. It comes at no cost, though it may require internal resources for integration. IIS can choose from several ways of connecting to the service, including manual batch processing, automated batch processing, an HL7 real-time solution, and/or a user interface API (application program interface).

Get Connected

IIS that want to sign on to Smarty should:

We also encourage you to join the Smarty User Group to get help in your initial set-up, troubleshoot any issues, and leverage peer-to-peer relationships with other users across jurisdictions and platforms. (You are welcome to join this user group before or after you sign the Partner Agreement.)

Report Monthly

Each month, all member participants are required to fill out a short, five-minute survey. It communicates to AIRA the number of addresses your jurisdiction cleaned, gives you an opportunity to share your feedback, and helps us evaluate the success of this project. That’s it!

Learn More

AIRA offers an orientation session to help IIS get started with Smarty.

Additional Resources


If you have any questions, please email [email protected].