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 June 2018 in Review

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  2. Enter Your Geocoded Project for a Chance to Win!
  3. AIRA Website Treasure Hunt
  4. AIRA at the 2018 AIM Leadership in Action Conference
  5. MACAW In-Person Meeting  CDS Assessment Measures – Approved by AIRA Board
  6. A Partner Update from Cerner
  7. Recent Information Requests Added to the AIRA Repository
  8. Steering Committee Updates: June Recap

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Register for #AIRA2018 today to take advantage of the extended early-bird deadline! 

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Enter Your Geocoded Project for a Chance to Win!

Submit a map or data visualization using IIS data you geocoded through SmartyStreets, and your team could win a gift card for a team lunch!

AIRA has launched a geocoding contest to incentivize participation in SmartyStreets, the no-cost address cleansing and geocoding service available to all IIS programs. Programs may submit up to three entries. Entries will be evaluated by a neutral panel of judges selected from the AIRA membership. The contest deadline is Friday, July 20. The winner will be announced at the 2018 AIRA National Meeting.

Interested in participating? Read the full contest details here.

Interested in learning more about no-cost address cleansing and/or geocoding?
Attend one of our User Group meetings! You don’t have to be enrolled to participate in the calls. Simply contact Maureen Neary, and she’ll send you a schedule and invitation.

AIRA Website Treasure Hunt

Each month, the AIRA Monthly Update will deliver a fun clue to guide you in exploring the new AIRA website. The first person to email the correct answer to in[email protected] will get a prize.

June Clue: 
So much depends
the five short 
teaching technical
peppered in 

AIRA at the 2018 AIM Leadership in Action Conference

AIRA staff attended and exhibited at the 2018 Association of Immunization Managers (AIM) Leadership in Action Conference June 5–7, 2018, in San Diego, California. Rebecca Coyle and Beth Parilla from AIRA met with immunization program managers, listened to excellent presentations about leadership, and participated in hot-topic discussions and applied-leadership breakouts. Kudos to AIM for another wonderful conference!   

MACAW In-Person Meeting – CDS Assessment Measures Approved by AIRA Board

AIRA and the members of the Measurement for Assessment and Certification Advisory Workgroup (MACAW) met in person June 12–14 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The main goals of this meeting were to review community comments for the Clinical Decision Support (CDS) Assessment measures, adjust CDS measures in response to feedback, and develop draft measures for Data at Rest (DAR) Discovery testing. MACAW members jumped in on the first day and were deeply engaged in the process. Through multiple sessions of large and small group discussions and using existing resources, such as the Functional Standards v4.0, IISAR data, and the soon-to-be-published guide on data quality practices for monitoring and evaluating data at rest, the group was able to develop consensus around these goals. The finalized CDS-recommended measures were presented to the AIRA board on June 19, and the recommended measures were supported unanimously. 

More details on the approved CDS Assessment measures can be found here. MACAW will review the initial CDS Assessment results in Quarter 4 of 2018. These raw results will be used to better define community thresholds for the number of test cases needed to meet each measure in preparation for the next assessment phase in Quarter 1 of 2019.

The draft DAR measures produced during the in-person meeting will inform the fifth phase of the Measurement and Improvement Initiative Discovery testing.

MACAW In-Person Meeting, June 12–14, Minneapolis, Minnesota
From left to right (front row): Laura Pabst (CDC), Kristi Siahaya (AIRA), Mary Beth Kurilo (AIRA), Tracy Little (AIRA), Amy Metroka (NYC): From left to right (middle left row): Nathan Bunker (AIRA), Jane Lammers (NV): From left to right (middle right row): Brandy Alstadter (STC), Shannon Coleman (STC), Wendy Nye (MI): From left to right (back row): Jim Pearsol (AIRA contractor), Roger Aikin (AZ), David McCormick (IN), Josh Hull (MI), Eric Larson (AIRA), Kevin Snow (Envision), Eric Schuh (DXC), Aaron Bieringer (MN). Not present for photo: Jillian Doss-Walker (IHS).

A Partner Update from Cerner

Cerner believes that universal, simple, and reliable access to vaccine information closes gaps in care, providing moment-in-time insights to clinicians to help them make informed decisions.

Improving workflows is the first step to bettering immunization quality, so we put our electronic health record (EHR) through the voluntary HIMSS Immunization Integration Program (IIP) and achieved formal recognition. Here, we tested our workflows and registry interoperability against complex, real-life scenarios that turn immunization data into actionable information for clinical and personal use.

Our EHR also supports accurate forecasting through Clinical Decision Support for Immunization (CDSi) content, and our system proposes vaccines that strictly follow CDSi recommendations. This content gives our providers confidence that they are vaccinating their patient populations appropriately.

Lastly, we have connections live or in testing with 35 immunization information systems (IIS). We allow providers to query desired IIS, using patient-refined logic to reach an exact match when multiple possible patient records are found, and to easily import that patient’s vaccine history into the legal medical record. We’ve received great feedback from our clinicians on this invaluable functionality, noting that collecting vaccine history is easier and more accurate than ever before.

Recent Information Requests Added to the AIRA Repository

Recent Information Requests regarding SAS coding and patients without an address have been added to the AIRA repository and can be found by using the “Information Requests” filter. Information Requests are viewable only by individual members and individuals affiliated with member and partner organizations. Just log in to view these valuable resources! 

Steering Committee Updates: June Recap

Assessment Steering Committee

  • The Assessment Steering Committee (ASC) met on June 5 and received updates on projects related to data quality, message quality evaluation, and small area analysis. The committee discussed possible topics for the next coverage assessment project. The steering committee is currently in the process of reviewing its charter.
  • The ASC meets quarterly, and the next meeting is scheduled for September 4. 

Education Steering Committee

  • The Education Steering Committee (ESC) met on June 20 and received an update from the Public Health Informatics Institute on its upcoming “Welcome to IIS” email course and immunization evaluation and forecasting e-learning module. The committee also discussed the AIRA 2018 National Meeting, Education Plan, and upcoming ESC-hosted webinars.
  • The summer edition of SnapShots has been published and is now available. 
  • The ESC hosted the IIS Helpdesk Functionality webinar on Thursday, June 28. During this webinar, Washington state and New York City’s IIS helpdesks were highlighted. Minnesota, California, and New Jersey presented about their unique IIS helpdesk experiences, best practices, and tools. The recording of this webinar can be found in the AIRA repository by using the “Webinars” filter.
  • The next committee meeting is scheduled for July 18.

Standards and Interoperability Steering Committee

  • The Standards and Interoperability Steering Committee (SISC) met on June 13 and received an update on the status of AIRA’s comments on the proposed CMS rule. The committee continued to review the current list of LOINC code groupings. The committee also received Technical Workgroup and technical assistance updates.
  • The SISC Technical Workgroup met on June 27 and reviewed ballot comments, proposed resolutions, and accompanying comments from SISC members regarding the use of LOINC code 30956-7, OBX-less Z42 order segment groups, the relationship value set, and the eligibility code meaning.

MIROW Steering Committee

  • The MIROW Steering Committee (SC) met on June 21 and discussed the new MIROW topic (business continuity) and the status of the MIROW subgroup projects.
  • Three MIROW subgroups continue to work, respectively, on repackaging past guides, creating a common vocabulary document for all MIROW guides, and promoting the work of MIROW.
  • A subgroup of the MIROW SC met on June 22 to prepare for MIROW Speed Dating, an interactive session to get community input at the AIRA 2018 National Meeting.
  • The MIROW SC is also in the process of updating the MIROW Charter.
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