Officers & Board of Directors

AIRA Board

The AIRA Board of Directors is composed of officers including a President, President-Elect, Past President, Treasurer, and Secretary; six voting Directors; and two non-voting Directors for a total of 13 Board members. This is an active, working Board, with members comprised primarily of IIS managers working for public health agencies in regions and states around the country. The two non-voting members of the Board represent the IIS vendor or business community. The Board members bring subject matter expertise to the association, as well as management experience.

Officers/Executive Committee

Amanda (Mandy) Harris


Mandy Harris has played various roles in support of her statewide IIS, NV WebIZ, since 2006- currently, she works as the IIS Manager. Mandy has also participated in numerous AIRA activities, including a term as Secretary of the Board, development of four MIROW best practice guides, the development of the Phase 2 AFIX-IIS guidance, and a few conference presentations. She currently serves as a MIROW co-chair.

Term as President: 2018-2019

Aaron Bieringer


Aaron Bieringer is currently the Interoperability and Technical lead for the Minnesota Immunization Information Connection (MIIC) and has been with the registry for the last nine years. He also sits on several AIRA committees, such as the Standards and Interoperability Steering Committee, the Joint Development and Implementation Advisory Workgroup, and the DQA Management Workgroup.

Term as President-Elect: 2018-2019

Kim Salisbury-Keith

Immediate Past President

Since 2003, Kim has served as the Development Manager for KIDSNET, Rhode Island’s Integrated Information System for Childhood Preventive Services, including the Immunization Information System (IIS). Prior to this Kim served as the Deputy Office Chief for Children’s Preventive Services, and as RI’s Immunization Program Manager. Her work with the Immunization program dates to 1989 and with public health programs to 1985.

In her current role as Development Manager, Kim serves as liaison between technical contractors, programmers and Immunization Program staff for the development and maintenance of IIS programming. Kim also oversees the onboarding process for HL7 messaging and works with the data managers on issues related to data quality and data use.
Kim was one of the founding Board members of AIRA and has worked on a variety of AIRA and CDC committees. Kim currently co-chairs the HL7 User Group and has actively participated in AIRA’s Strategic Planning and By-Laws committees. She has presented at both AIRA and Immunization conferences on a wide array of topics including use of CDSi, Immunization Assessments, Confidentiality, use of School Data, and IIS integration with public health programs.

Term as Immediate Past President: 2018-2019

Jenne McKibben


Jenne McKibben is the Oregon ALERT IIS Director. She has been in this position since 2014 and has served on the AIRA Board as a board member and as secretary. She has actively participated in the AIRA Education Steering Committee since 2007 and is currently a co-chair.

She received her introduction to immunizations when she worked as an AmeriCorps VISTA volunteer in Merced, California. Then as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Nicaragua, she was on the front line of immunizations in a developing country. She started with the Oregon Immunization Program in 2004 as a Health Educator for the Vaccines For Children Program. In mid-2007, Jenne moved to ALERT IIS and worked on ALERT IIS operations, training, and migrating to a new IIS platform.

Term: 2017-2019

Heather Roth


Heather Roth, is the deputy immunization branch chief and IIS manager for Colorado. In this dual role, she plans, organizes, directs and evaluates programmatic and IIS operations. She has worked in immunizations for 11 years and specifically within the IIS field for 9 years. During that time, she has filled many IIS positions: training and outreach, interoperability and Meaningful Use project management, data quality monitoring and overall IIS program management (including fiscal, vendor and grant management). Heather serves as co-chair of Assessment Steering Committee (ASC) and has participated in several workgroups to develop ASC guides. 

Term as Treasurer: 2018-2020

David McCormick


Dave McCormick is the Director of the Indiana Immunization Division at the Indiana State Department of Health. In that role, Dave leads a team of public health professionals committed to eliminating vaccine-preventable diseases by working with approximately 900 health care providers to deliver over $80,000,000 of publicly funded vaccine. In July 2015, Dave was elected to the Executive Board of the Association of Immunization Managers. Dave has worked in public health for the past 27 years. Prior to joining the Indiana Immunization Program in January 2012, Dave spent five years working on lead and healthy-homes issues at the state level, including lead poisoning prevention, radon, lead certification, enforcement, and remediation through grants from CDC, EPA, and HUD. In November 2009, Dave was appointed to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Advisory Committee on Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention. Dave and his college sweetheart have been married for 27 years and have two sons.

Term: 2017-2019

Voting Directors

Bridget Ahrens

Bridget Ahrens has served as Vermont Immunization Registry Manager since 2004 and currently leads a team of three people dedicated to collecting, cleaning, and using immunization information to improve individual health and health care delivery. As the VT Registry has grown from its infancy in 2004 to its current position as a crucial spoke in the preventive health care wheel, Bridget’s focus has moved from user recruitment and training to managing data import to assessing and maintaining data quality to promoting and using registry data.

Prior to her work with the registry, Bridget worked as project manager for several large research projects at Dartmouth Medical School and has several years’ experience as an evaluation consultant. She served on the AIRA board previously from 2007 to 2010.

Term: 2017-2019

Dannette Dronenburg

Dannette Dronenburg is the IIS Provider Outreach & Training Supervisor for the Washington State Department of Health and has worked in immunizations and with the IIS for over seven years. Dannette has been with Washington’s IIS for over 3 years both as a trainer and as the supervisor for the training and outreach team. She has trained many IIS stakeholders and users on various IIS topics including vaccine ordering and management, data exchange and data quality and many other program functions that are integrated into Washington’s IIS.  Prior to that work, she worked for Spokane Regional Health District in Spokane, Washington as a public health educator for immunizations. She conducted VFC and AFIX site visits, worked with schools and mobile outreach clinics, and trained IIS users in Spokane. She is currently also involved in the AIRA Education Steering Committee and is committed to moving IIS forward as a trusted public health tool and reliable source of health information.

Term: 2018-2019

Christy Gray

Christy Gray has been working with the Division of Immunization of the Virginia Department of Health since March 2009. She initially served as a Virginia Immunization Information System (VIIS) Regional Consultant, trainer and subject matter expert on the epidemiology, surveillance and prevention of vaccine preventable diseases. She then served for seven years as a senior manager for the growing VIIS program concentrating on data quality, data exchange, and strategic planning. She has been Director of the Division of Immunization since June 2017. Christy has a Bachelor degree in Economics from Virginia Tech and a Master degree in Public Health from George Washington University (GWU). She also earned a Graduate Certificate in Health Information Technology from GWU and hold certifications in Health Information Technology (CHTS-CP) and Health Education (CHES). Before her tenure at the Virginia Department of Health, she worked for five years with an advocacy agency focusing on worker safety, foodborne illness, and zoonotic diseases handling key technical, regulatory, legislative and business affairs including spearheading fundraising efforts. Christy lives in Richmond, Virginia with her husband, son, and dog. She stays busy chasing her son, playing volleyball, and spending time with family and friends.

Term: 2018-2020

Nathalie Hartert 

Nathalie joined the Tennessee Department of Health in Oct. 2014 to manage the migration from a homegrown to an off-the-shelf IIS. Since the 2014 go-live, the Tennessee IIS team has grown and many processes have been defined and documented. Before joining the Department of Health, Nathalie served the State Of Tennessee for 7 years as a Project Director on a variety of projects primarily related to improving provider access to health information. Before that, she was a Senior Project Manager at the Hospital Corporation of America.

Term: 2018-2020

Jeffrey McIntyre 

Jeffrey McIntyre serves as the to Immunization Information System Manager for the Mississippi State Department of Health. He has 21 years of IT experience and has served in public health for 12 of those years. Jeffrey actively collaborates with stakeholders to raise awareness of the importance of immunization documentation across the lifespan for all residents of the state. He has led several state projects to streamline the onboarding process for facilities and improve data analysis of interfacing facilities. He has served on AIRA’s SISC Technical Workgroup and Education Steering Committee. Jeffrey’s passion for the prevention of vaccine preventable diseases is evident in his willingness to develop creative and resourceful tools for IIS users to improve functionality, maintain high immunization documentation standards, and provide registry access to those in the community working to keep our residents safe.

Term: 2018-2020

Non-Voting Directors

Kevin Dombkowski

Kevin Dombkowski is a Research Associate Professor at the University of Michigan, Child Health Evaluation and Research (CHEAR) Unit. His research focuses on improving the timeliness of vaccinations through automated reminder and recall systems, particularly through immunization registries. Kevin has worked with IIS for over 20 years and has been the principal investigator on numerous CDC-funded grants that evaluate registry-based strategies for improving vaccination rates.

Term: 2017-2019

Steve Murchie

Steve Murchie is the CEO of Envision Technology Partners. Steve acquired Envision with his wife Claire in 2011 and, prior to this, spent over 20 years in the computer software industry. Steve serves on the JDI Advisory Workgroup and is a co-chair of the Address Cleansing and Geocoding User Group.

Term: 2018-2020