AIRA recognizes outstanding contributions and partnerships. As a membership-driven organization, AIRA depends on dedicated volunteers and enthusiastic partners to achieve its goals.


Lifetime Achievement Award

  • Amy Metroka, for her service as AIRA president on the AIRA board and her decades of dedication and leadership within the IIS community
  • Rob Savage, for his leadership in standards development and decades of technical advance, advocacy, and support for the IIS community


Lifetime Achievement Award

  • Gary Urquhart, for his strong leadership of the IIS Support Branch within CDC and his unwavering advocacy for IIS advancement


Lifetime Achievement Award

  • Sherry Riddick, Washington State IIS Operations Manager, Past-President of AIRA


Service Excellence Awards

  • Elaine Lowery, IIS Consultant & Former Manager of Colorado Immunization Information System, for her leadership roles on MIROW Steering Committee and AIRA Board.
  • Electronic Data Systems (EDS), AIRA Sponsor Member for the past four years, demonstrating a strong commitment to the vision and goals of AIRA and to their ongoing work in the IIS community

Lifetime Achievement Award

  • Amy Metroka, Director of the New York City Citywide Immunization Registry, for her many years of service to AIRA and to the IIS community

Partnership Award

  • Public Health Data Standards Consortium


Service Excellence Awards

  • David Lyalin, CDC consultant from Northrup Grumman, for his work on the first three MIROW chapters
  • Indian Health Service, for recognition that state IIS are critical tools for increasing and sustaining vaccination coverage, and for publishing a guide to establish immunization data interfaces between state IIS and the IHS Resource and Patient Management System (RPMS)

Partnership Award

  • American Academy of Pediatrics

Outgoing President Award

  • Therese Hoyle, Past IIS Manager for Michigan Care Improvement Registry (MCIR), IIS Public Health Consultant, and active AIRA board member for many years


Partnership Award

  • Association of Immunization Managers (AIM)

Special Recognition Awards

  • Texas Children's Hospital Immunization Project and the Houston-Harris County Immunization Registry Staff for their outstanding efforts on behalf of the children and families displaced to Houston by Hurricane Katrina
  • Louisiana Immunization Network for Kids Statewide (LINKS) for its excellence of service in the face of extraordinary circumstances during Hurricane Katrina


Partnership Award

  • HLN

Immunization Registry Conference Awards

  • "Grow" Award - Michigan Childhood Immunization Registry
  • "Connect" Award - New Jersey Immunization Information System
  • "Protect" Award - Michigan Childhood Immunization Registry