Membership Categories

AIRA members have the option to join at a basic or gold level. AIRA’s membership benefits can be found hereMembership rates will changing for the 2018-2019 membership year. Click here to see the upcoming changesFor questions related to membership, please email [email protected].

AIRA 2017-2018 Membership

Voting Members

  • Immunization Information System (IIS)/ Registry
    Local, state, and territorial public health agencies that operate an IIS, including those that receive CDC funding for an IIS.
    Basic level annual dues: $300; Gold level annual dues: $1,500

  • IIS Implementer
    An organization specializing in developing, supporting, or maintaining software designed for use in an IIS operated by a governmental entity. IIS Implementer includes both for-profit and nonprofit entities.
    Basic level annual dues: $300; Gold level annual dues: $1,500

  • Affiliate
    Nonprofit organizations. A nonprofit organization that is an IIS Implementer should join as an IIS Implementer.
    Basic level annual dues: $300; Gold level annual dues: $1,500

  • Individual
    Any individual staff member of an IIS, IIS Implementer, or Affiliate that is not designated as a Voting or Non-Voting member of that organization; an individual associated with an Affiliate or IIS Implementer that has fewer than three employees; or any other individual who is not associated with a for-profit organization.
    Basic level annual dues: $100

 Non-Voting Members

  • Reciprocal Members
    Federal agencies and membership organizations such as IHS, ECBT and AIM.
    Basic level annual dues: $0

  • Honorary Members
    An honorary individual member as designated by the Executive Committee and those who have served as AIRA president.
    Basic level annual dues: $0

*AIRA recognizes that our members and partners often create solutions or provide services that our members and partners may be interested in. We invite entities to join AIRA with the understanding that AIRA must maintain a neutral stance with regards to promoting specific products and services. AIRA does not endorse or imply any endorsement of any member or partner or their products and/or services.