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Senior Management AIRA’s IZ Gateway Team partners with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Audacious Inquiry, immunization information system (IIS) programs, and others to support immunization awardees with onboarding, connecting, and sharing vaccination information through the IZ Gateway. The team provides capacity-building and technical assistance to strengthen and improve the workforce and electronic infrastructure necessary to help support and improve IZ Gateway interoperability, immunization data quality, and technical capabilities of IIS, and facilitate reporting and sharing of COVID-19 and other vaccine related data.
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Immunization (IZ) Gateway Team

Michelle Hood, Director of the IZ Gateway

Michelle Hood joined AIRA as the Director of the IZ Gateway in October 2020. Michelle began her work with the immunization information system (IIS) community in 2002 when she became the coordinator of the Nebraska State IIS. As coordinator she managed all IIS-related activities, including electronic data exchange. Over the course of 20 years, Michelle managed and coordinated 10 statewide public health data systems, including the IIS, the cancer registry, syndromic surveillance, electronic lab reporting of communicable diseases, vital records, Parkinson’s disease registry, and more. She also served as a past AIRA Board President.

Sara Sanford, Senior Project Manager

Sara Sanford joined AIRA as a senior project manager in October 2020 focusing on the IZ Gateway project. Previously, Sara worked for the Public Health Informatics Institute as a project manager and supported immunization information system technical assistance and workforce development projects for over three years. Sara’s background includes basic research in neuroscience and HIV clinical research. She also has experience managing grants and budgets, stakeholder engagement, and change management.

Sarah Wible, Informatics Coordinator

Sarah Wible joined AIRA as an Informatics Coordinator for the IZ Gateway team in April of 2022. Prior to her work with AIRA, Sarah worked for the Kentucky Immunization Program for 7 years where she served in various roles, including IIS Training and Outreach Coordinator, IIS and School Assessment Epidemiologist, and IIS Manager. Sarah has experience in managing day-to-day operations for Immunization Information Systems, program and grant management, and stakeholder collaboration. She has also served on numerous AIRA workgroups in the past. Prior to her work in the immunization field, Sarah worked at a Regional Prevention Center as a Prevention Specialist, where she assisted with implementing effective prevention planning and programs for mental health and substance use and played in active role in collaboration between community coalitions.

Deepali Rastogi, HL7 Onboarding Specialist (Consultant)

Deepali Rastogi joined AIRA as a consultant in September 2020 supporting the IZ Gateway Team. Prior to joining AIRA, Deepali worked as a senior software developer for over 14 years for Alabama’s Immunization Information System where she provided programming and analysis support by developing and maintaining the web-based application and HL7 interfaces. Deepali has over 20 years of information technology experience.


John Anderson, Onboarding Analyst (Consultant)

John Anderson joined AIRA in April 2021 as an onboarding analyst with the IZ Gateway Team. John began his work in the immunization information system (IIS) community in 2006 with the Wyoming Immunization Unit. During his time in Wyoming, he served as the Wyoming Immunization Registry Program Coordinator. John’s role in Wyoming provided an opportunity to contribute toward and implement many best practices developed by AIRA.

Rachael Miles, HL7 Onboarding Specialist (Consultant)

Rachael Miles joined AIRA in August 2020 as a consultant on the IZ Gateway Team. Rachael began her work in the immunization information system (IIS) community in 2017 with the Wyoming Immunization Unit. During her time in Wyoming, she was the IIS Support Specialist and IIS Interoperability Specialist. Rachael’s work focused on facilitating onboarding projects that resulted in efficacious connections and the exchange of high-quality immunization data.